Tom Yum Kungfu @ Circular Road

It’s a funny story, how I came to know of Tom Yum Kungfu. I saw a facebook picture of my friend eating here, and in the background, at the next table was another friend of mine. (They don’t know each other.) Two of my friends eating here on the same night. Gots to be worth checking out.

A few days later, another friend mentioned coming here for dinner. I knew then that this place was already the next big thing that I didn’t know of! So sorry for being so out of touch with the restaurant scene guys. What kind of blogger am I.

Like I said, it’s already the next big thing, so reservations are advised as it is wildly popular especially on weekends. A visit on Monday night already saw a full house, and required a reservation.

We chose to sit outside. As with all BBQ joints, it gets smokey, and I’m sure we all hate how our hair smells afterwards. The outdoor seats provided a more airy environment to leave at least one worry behind.

20140217-214726.jpgThey set up the BBQ/Steamboat stove, which came in a big bowl that they placed on our table top. It’s a rather vintage set – looks like it came from the 1960’s. Unlike other mookata and BBQ joints, it isn’t electric. This fits with the vibe of the whole establishment – quirky vintage. Most mookata joints I’ve been to are very basic plastic table and chair kind of places. So this style really sets Tom Yum Kungfu apart from others.


I think it’s a lot easier/ value-for-money if you just order the set menus, so we ordered the Large set for 4pax. ($49). It comes with pork, beef, prawns, scallops, fishcake on the meat platter. In the veggie bowl there’s maggi mee, tang hoon, cabbage and kang kong. Lots of food to go around!



Add the spices given into the soup and mix, to add a spicy flavour to your soup.


Place the lard and fats at the top of the BBQ plate, allow it to melt and start cooking!


The meat isn’t great quality, but there was a great variety and just enough to keep everyone happy. The soup was tasty too.

I think I liked the veggie bowl more than anything. I kept eating the veggies and noodles 🙂

We also ordered a side of deep fried kangkong, which is tempura kangkong and served with a thousand island-like dressing. This kicked ass, kungfu style.




It was definitely tiring having to cook your own food but it was great fun. Tom yum kungu has a lively ambience and is worth checking out with a group of friends!

Perfect for: After school or after work casual feasting! Come hungry. Dress casual. And be ready to work!

Ambience: Lively. Happening Thai and Korean pop music plays in the background. The young crowd also adds to the youthful, happening vibe.

Service: For such a busy place, service was good. We never prompted them to refill our soup a single time. They showed great initiative. And food came very quickly.

Come again: Yes

16 Circular Road