Infinite Bar List 4

The Green Door

We stumbled upon this new bar at Dempsey that took over the old Hacienda. It is backed by the Prive group, and I guess that’s where the money for their beautiful décor came from. They have the whole ‘secret garden’ concept going on, which is stunning especially with all the lights at night, but it can get quite warm in our climate to be sitting outdoors. As such, I wouldn’t dress up specially for The Green Door. I would only go again if I were having dinner two doors down. They acknowledge that too, as they call themselves the place to go to for “pre- or post-dinner dinner drinks”.20130521-085535.jpg


Great thing about this place is that there is no service charge or GST! Unheard of for a bar. Also, they use fresh fruit instead of puree for their drinks. My friend’s passion fruit drink had all the pulp in it, which was cool for a while but the passion fruit seeds got annoying soon after, and the three of us agreed that we were just drinking fruit juice and very little alcohol. We understand that they use a measured shot for all their drinks, but even when we requested, they were unwilling to add more alcohol to suit our preferences. Quite inflexible yes?

Therefore this place did not meet our standards.



The Green Door
13A Dempsey Road, Singapore, Singapore 249674
6476 2922

The Horse’s Mouth
[No photos were taken during this visit]

Walk down a secret flight of stairs from Uma Uma Ramen at Forum and you will find this high end Japanese bar. There are only 4 tables and a bar counter and it is spacious, quiet and private. Spotted a few people opening vintage Japanese whiskies, a good choice because even though they have a two page cocktail menu, those were disappointing. We ordered three very different drinks, yet they all came in the same tall glass with zero effort for presentation. They also used a lot of ice, which watered down the drinks very quickly. I made a special request for a whisky sour with a twist and the bartender was a bit dumbstruck for a while. This is unlike many other bartenders I’ve met at other places, who enthusiastically dish out ideas to spice things up. I would come here again to try the bar snacks, which I’ve heard are great, and include ramen!! But otherwise this isn’t really my scene, yet.

The Horse’s Mouth
583 Orchard Road, Singapore, Singapore 238884
6235 1088

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