Folks Collective @ China Square Central

Two Thai food posts in a row, it isn’t hard to figure what my favorite cuisine is..

What? Thai food? You could have sworn ‘folks collective’ sounded like the new brunch/ coffee place your friend was raving about. Guess not. It’s thai!


It’s not just the name that’s deceiving. Step into the restaurant and you wouldn’t have a clue until you open the menu. It’s decorated with vintage collectibles like vespas and pin-ups. Pinball machine? A trishaw. Some might say identity crisis but it’s true that there are no ‘hip’ Thai places in Singapore so I guess that’s what they’re trying to do.


I like how even though it’s in the CBD and despite the elaborate decor, they still maintained reasonable and appropriate prices for Thai food. Because face it, there’s a limit to what you’d pay for pad Thai.

Check it out –

The latte had two espresso shots in there and cost only $3! Which tempted us to order, though we came to regret it. Hot Thai food is best accompanied by an iced drink.


We are crazy fans of fried chicken. When we saw this “crispy fried chicken skin” on the menu we knew we were ordering it. Only $2.90! We ate it in silence and didn’t speak again until it was finished. It was crazy addictive. Finished it in 2 minutes flat. Yum!


My favorite Thai dish of all time! Seafood vermicelli salad in tangy dressing. It was refreshing and oh so appetizing. Not too spicy too. ($7.90)


Then came the green curry. At first we were baffled as to the texture of the curry – it was thin and soupy. Very un characteristic of a curry. But the taste was there. So it felt light and tasty. ($8.90)


Basil beef. Nice and crunchy because it was mixed well with veggies. ($8.90)


Love the place! If I worked in the area I’d definitely be a regular!

#01-25, China Square Central, 20 Cross Street