Pasarbella (PART TWO) @ The Grandstand

A second visit to Pasarbella was in order, so I could try all the food I didn’t the first time. Hehe. I’ll keep this short and sweet, and there aren’t many pictures because my camera ran out of battery.


James Butchery & Co. enlightening foodies. Order, eat and learn!20130525-110459.jpg

We started off with a pasta from 5ive & Spice ($8.90). This is their truffle cream and mushroom pasta. There were far less mushrooms in our dish than what was shown on the display… In that sense it was quite disappointing but it was definitely good, just a bit plain.20130525-105856.jpg

We spotted lots of people eating hot dogs, and wanted one for ourselves too! It took us a while to locate the vendor because we were looking for “Chew”, the most prominent word on the hot dog box everyone was carting around… Actually it’s from Huber’s.

And the queue was ass long! Waited about 20 minutes for my swiss veal hot dog ($7.90) with caramelized onions, mustard, parsley. I forgot to take a picture of my hot dog but here’s the box.20130525-110003.jpg

Of course no trip to Pasarbella is complete without some oysters ($16). I only had 1, GT ate the rest.20130525-110353.jpg

Tried Dutch Colony Coffee.20130525-110410.jpg

And ended off with Poppaganda in Dark Choc & Pale Ale ($6). Good stuff I’m quite impressed! It’s my first time having a Poppaganda, and even though popsicles are easy and cheap to make, they have really interesting flavs, and yes guilt free! But it melts really fast.20130525-110509.jpg

Spotted this at the balloon shop. Edible balloons would be nice actually!20130525-110441.jpg

Will I head back a third time? Pasarbella is quite small, it takes only 15 minutes to make a leisurely round about the premises. Unfortunately our stomachs have a capacity limit so a second visit was needed. But a 3rd visit is too much imo. I will only go again in 2 months time, when more stalls are open.

We also noticed that there is a severe lack of bins around. They do have cleaning service, but the very elusive type, quite useless. They should install more bins around so people can clean up after themselves.

There’s also a lack of seats, and GT and I were eating while standing half the time. We don’t really mind actually, because at Pasarbella you’re supposed to be on your feet, walking around. But more designated corners for eating would be nice, so we aren’t in people’s way when we stop to eat. Tables and chairs take up a lot of space and I think standing counters are able to serve more people and suit our needs fine too.

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Pasarbella @ The Grandstand

As promised! Made a trip down to Pasarbella over the weekend. I realize I’ve been coming to The Grandstand a lot lately! Their rebranding seems to have worked.

If you don’t know what Pasarbella is, it’s a food market! Like those you get overseas BUT with air conditioning thank god. So there’s fresh produce, gourmet foods, niche products and even craft items! Lots of things to see and buy. Was excited to see how this concept would translate in Singapore’s context.


(Super casual dress down outfit – H&M linen t-shirt and Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans.)


Huge range of fresh seafood near the west entrance. You can get lobsters at 3 for $100, and half a dozen oysters at $16.


Huge Japanese Kampachi amber jack head!


The Australia coffin bay oysters were a bit salty and I much prefer the fanny bay ones.


The Great Beer Experiment


Magic Hat beer from the US. I bought the no. 9 pale ale for $6.50. You can also find The Great Beer Experiment at Beerfest Asia 2013, looking forward to it! They have the best beer inventory!


Beautiful wine cart.


Ideas for chilling wine


Oh got seafood paella too ($11.90). Definitely on the pricey side.


I love the look and feel of Pasarbella. It’s casual yet very gourmet. Lots of things to see and try. It’s definitely a fun place to be. Most importantly it is NOT too crowded, it’s a pretty comfortable flow of traffic in the venue. I’d say go go go!

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