Open Door Policy @ Tiong Bahru

On my birthday weekend, I invited a few friends to dinner. I didn’t want a place that was too solemn, just somewhere casual and cool. Open Door Policy is perfect as it is a café but with an adult vibe. Adult – that’s what 22 calls for.

The menu was contemporary western, and slightly unconventional. I was intrigued at first but then I realized there was nothing I was dying to order from the menu. At last we settled for a tuna tartare that came with keropok, and a quail dish as starters. The quail tasted very Asian, like a tze char dish with sweet n sour sauce + crispy noodle. MISS. Tuna tartare was a HIT, everyone loves keropok right?

Tuna tartare hiding under kerepok


The quail dish20130418-174654.jpg

The restaurant that night was flooded with angmohs, there were only two groups including us that were locals. This is when we figured that angmohs would be into such cuisine. Coupled with the Manhattan vibe of the bistro.

I decided to get a duck pasta and I expected slices of duck, but was presented with minced meat. It’s a very simple dish with tomato sauce, minced meat and not much else. But done very well. I think the other dishes my friends ordered were executed well too, beef was tender, fish was fresh.

My pasta20130418-174705.jpg

The barramunddi 20130418-174717.jpg

Beef cheek20130418-174726.jpg

ODP burger20130418-174740.jpg

The dessert was the best part though. I saw a watercress and blue cheese dish and my curiosity got the better of me. No one dared to touch it when it came. It was in no way sweet at all. It belongs on the salad page for sure. Poached peaches were unimpressive.

Watercress + blue cheese dessert20130418-175020.jpg

Poached peaches20130418-175032.jpg

Anyway the starters and mains were all really good, the food here is great but I don’t think it’s for me ~~ I will not be intruding on this ang moh land anytime soon!

(About $60 a person)
19 Yong Siak Street