New Ubin Seafood

My first time writing about a zichar place but New Ubin has that “hip” quotient befitting of crazyshakes – and so it makes the blog.

Most zichar coffee shops cater to families who live in the neighborhood. However here diners were groups of friends all in their 20’s – an obvious sign it is a hit with the younger ones. I mean I travelled about 5 highway exits just to eat here so that says a lot.

I guess it’s the unconventional dishes like steak and “boss” beehoon, plus the classics like crab and crayfish that draw the crowd. And to me, quite importantly, is the extensive wine list all below $50 per bottle. Impressive!

Bamboo clams – It was buy 2 get 1 free so why not! I’ve never had bamboo clams at a coffee shop before. They were decent but lacked the extra something something.IMG_4819

Enter my favourite dish of the meal! Special Kailan. Sprinkled with super tasty fried (seaweed n garlic chips?) on top. I could just have this and plain rice for a meal and nothing else I’d still be so satisfied. 2 finger thumbs and 2 toe thumbs up!IMG_4820

What everyone goes to New Ubin for – the black angus ribeye steak served with potato wedges and caramelised onions. We were quite happy with the dish, it was remarkable for coffee shop standard!IMG_4823

Fried rice comes free with every order of steak. It’s basically rice fried with dark sauce and topped with beef fat. But SO GOOD. Super tasty.IMG_4825

I already can’t wait for my next trip to New Ubin! So many more things I wanna try out. Seafood meesua? Tequila claypot chicken? All while getting drunk.

#01-174, Sector A Sin Ming Industrial Estate, 27 Sin Ming Road