Modern Asian Diner @ The Grandstand

Modern Asian Diner, aka M.A.D., is a very visually appealing casual restaurant at The Grandstand. Dick Lee, one of its founders, probably lent all his style chops during the designing process. He partnered up with Tung Lok, Bar stories, Top Wines and Bakerzin to set up MAD.


The concept of MAD is that you can order from their tapas menu, dimsum menu, bar bites menu, etc. It is a fusion of every cuisine. In a single restaurant you can get the best of five worlds, at least.

We started off with an iberico cabonara. The portion was tiny! The meat was good but the pasta was so bland and plain, they might as well just not use any sauce?


Sliced duck with mango – seems like a cheap canape at an event you were forced to attend.


Foie gras and wagyu claypot rice. It’s pretty obvious they stole the idea from Fat Cow, but called it claypot rice instead of donburi. The presentation could have been better, it was a sizzling hot mess when it arrived. The rice also seemed cheap and ‘anyhow’. But the wagyu beef and foie gras were not bad. At $28 it’s an acceptable alternative to the one at Fat Cow, but they should up the portion size.


Portobello Mushroom bruschetta which I did not touch at all because it looked disgusting – presentation please! My dining companions also cringed when they ate it so that didn’t help.


In the menu they displayed two lamb chops so when it came as a single, and at $30, this was very unworthy. At this point we were very discouraged by the food at MAD and barely touched this.


Black Angus Siew Mai. I’m way particular about my dim sum. And for MAD, having Tung Lok on board is not enough. The skin of this was so dry and it spoiled the dish for me.DSC_0250

I thought, you can’t go wrong with a freaking tiramisu can you? Couldn’t taste the kahlua, and the texture of the cake was also wrong. Maybe they were aware of their shortcomings and threw in a macaroon and ice cream for compensation.DSC_0255

Alas, their saving grace. Bar Stories stepped in to save the day with their MAD Whiskey Sour – an asian edition with chrysanthemum tea and goji berries which I enjoyed.DSC_0236

There is a retail store joined to the restaurant where you can find the cutest things you don’t need.


Stopped by Pasarbella to look around even though everything was closed. I’m definitely heading to check it out next weekend!DSC_0294

I hope that MAD was just having an off day, because their food was simply unappetizing the night that I visited (12 May 2013). Looking at online reviews and from friends’ recommendations, most people find it acceptable so it could be that I went at the wrong time. But I will not be back again.

I spent $50 per person.

200 Turf Club Road
#01-20/21 The Grandstand
Tel: 64663303