Market Grill @ Telok Ayer Street

After eating at burger & lobster in London last year, GT and I got kinda obsessed. He likes his lobsters fresh and whole, while I like mine shelled and stuffed in a bun. The £20 pricing in London is hard to beat for a whole lobster. At the cajun kings (serangoon) it is close to $100. At other places, the vibe just isn’t modern, casual and cool enough.


So when The Market Grill opened along Telok Ayer Road earlier this year, we couldn’t be more excited. The lobsters are only $45, and are served in the same style as Burger & Lobster, if I took a picture you wouldn’t tell the difference. The meat is fresh and juicy and I love the mayo that complemented the dish so well, giving it a sweet taste.


Besides the lobsters they have quite a wide range of food like burgers, steaks, fish, lamb, starters, and other dishes. I think the steak was just o-kay because GT didn’t really rave about it.


The starters are good though, we ordered a mushroom salad, it was delicious. And bone marrow – quite interesting to eat over toast.


The trio of potatoes you see below were sides that came with our mains. The mash potatoes are SO good.


I must say though, that I hate restaurants that do not take reservations. Market Grill is a really small place, with only 2 tables that seat 4. My party of 4 arrived at 7 and those 2 tables were already occupied. We decided to wait, because four people sitting side by side at the bar is kind of retarded. Alas, at 8 we were still waiting. And behind us were two more parties of 4. And this was a random Wednesday night.

So try not to go in groups bigger than 2.



(Abot $60 per person)
208 Telok Ayer Street
6221 3323