House @ Dempsey

So many new restaurants have been popping up that dear old House has faded from our minds. I haven’t thought about going back there, because we’ve been there enough times throughout secondary school and JC, tried every single dish on their menu and there isn’t anything new to look forward to.

Until they recently revamped their menu and added a whole lot of new dishes, while still retaining the classics. So my friends and I decided to take a trip down memory lane and descended those green steps to dine at House once again.

The menu has expanded quite significantly. Besides the famed truffle fries, there are now four new variations of fries including pumpkin hazelnut fries, truffle taro fries, curry mustard fries and carrot fennel fries. Absolutely fries-tastic.

We decided to share between us an Asparagus, Serrano Ham and Crumbed Egg ($22, appetizer). The egg was crumbed on the outside and oozing with golden liquid goodness on the inside. But we wished it was a bit warmer as it had gone cold when we dug in.


We had an Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine ($32) which I found to be similar to chow mien or Chinese fried noodles. My friends also found the black pepper overwhelming and spicy. Plus points for the prawns though for being huge, fresh and delicious.


The Wagyu Rump & Chips ($34) – They didn’t serve the medium doneness we asked for, but we didn’t complain as we found we liked the medium rare fine. I found this unremarkable I think I only took 2 bites.


The stars of the night were probably the drinks. We ordered House’s signature cocktails, as there is a promotion where you get three for $35. Tiffin Punch (gin, grapefruit, lychee, etc) is a firm favourite. My friends liked the Mint Berry Gin Fizz and Madagascan Mojito but I find them too leafy and fruity for my liking.


I think that in the future I will be back to try all the fries and maybe enjoy a cocktail.

8D Dempsey Rd
+65 6475 7787