Le Restaurant & Bar @ Suntec City

Sundays are the best days for Dim Sum! We wanted to do a dim sum brunch, but at somewhere new. Somewhere we wouldn’t go/ haven’t already been to with our families. Which rules out all the hotel Chinese restaurants.

We ended up at Paradise Group’s new Asian tapas concept restaurant, Le Restaurant & Bar. It is located at the now dead Suntec City – can we take a moment to ponder the decline of that place? If you haven’t been there recently, well you’re not alone, 4 million other people have not been there recently either.

The entrance of the restaurant does not look very restaurant-like. It’s near some clothing shops and random gift shops, so you might walk past never thinking that it’s a restaurant. So they hung up a million posters with their signature dishes and happy hour discounts outside.

Other than that, the décor is quite posh and opulent on the inside. You walk through the bar area to get to the large and spacious dining room. Definitely not your usual cluttered traditional chinese restaurant. The furniture is all dark wood and velvet. There is a huge Buddha statue made of glass as centerpiece.

Service was amazing! We were given hot towels the second we were seated, followed by the menus, and tea. They have a special in-house blend that is black glutinous rice and pu-er. Which is just a rice-y version of pu-er.


We ordered the following:

Cordyceps flower jumbo dumpling soup – The soup was bland, and the jumbo dumpling was kind of gross! It reminded me of the jumbo dumplings you get from chinese food delivery in America.


Wagyu siew mai and foie gras skewers – I didn’t like this very much because there’s so much meat going on. But my dining companion loved it. There was so much foie gras that I felt like I was going to be sick.


Har gao with golden sago – prawns were fresh, but golden sago is such a gimmick. Sago is tasteless and so is gold powder/dust/flakes.


The Dirty Duck is their signature dish at Le Restaurant. It is called Dirty for its unglam appearance. It is served just like Peking duck. Wrapped with the usual onions and dipped in the sweet sauce. However this duck is fried instead. Much like duck confit, or Bali’s bebek guling. The wrap is no ordinary wrap either – it is green in colour because it’s made with scallion. We loved this dish! Will definitely return just for this.




We spent $100 for 2 I think.

#02-314, Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard