Pasta Brava @ Craig Road

Pasta Brava was established in 1992, that’s almost as old as me! Clearly it has what it takes to stand the test of time; it is still standing strong at its Craig Road location. Maybe even stronger than ever? Reservations are almost impossible to make on weekends + special occasions. So hats off to them because 22 years is not easy to get through. I would know.

(Speaking of Craig Road, it has quite good fengshui for Italian restaurants to set up shop, it seems. A few steps down from Pasta Brava is inItaly, newer but also great food. This street is a failsafe option if you’re in the mood for Italian.)

It is easy to see why Pasta Brava managed to stick around. It’s got the traditional Italian restaurant formula honed and mastered. These places never try too hard, they just want to be your cosy, traditional, hearty Italian restaurant with the friendliest of waiters. They have extensive menus with simple, classic dishes. You can bring along anyone from your grandma, to your date, to your business associates. There’s something about these restaurants that you know you can always count on, whether 2 years or 22 years down the road. They stay the same.


So at Pasta Brava we started with a bread basket and a few pieces of chalk to draw with. Someone told me that this custom started in Italy. When business meetings were held over lunch, people would draw on the tables to illustrate their ideas. So restaurants started providing paper and chalk for people to write on.


For starters, we had the beef carpaccio with rocket salad and parmesan flakes ($18).


Duck liver with porcini sauce and truffle oil. ($22)


Caprese salad, because what’s an Italian meal without some cheese. ($16) This was a really good piece of buffalo mozarella. It was light, yet just creamy enough!


Mushroom soup. ($8)


Ravioli filled with minced beef, served with a light gorgonzola cheese sauce. ($23.50) I thought this was really easy to eat, and a good sharing dish.


Carbonara ($22).


Squid ink sauce seafood spaghetti. ($24)


Oven glazed king prawns with prosciutto and mozzarella, flavoured with white wine ($30).


Grilled beef tenderloin tagliata. With herbs, rocket leaves and parmesan flakes. ($31) I would say that if you can only order one thing here at Pasta Brava, it better be this. I especially love it because I always find steak to be too heavy, but when it is thinly sliced as such, topped with my fav veg and cheese – I can’t help asking for more.


Finished off with a Panna Cotta and Chocolate Lava Cake.



In summary,

Perfect for: Groups, birthdays, celebrations

Ambience: Warm, cosy, intimate. Not too dark.

Service: Experienced wait staff. Prompt and helpful. We were never kept waiting between each course.

Come again:¬†Yes, I will be back again and I won’t wait 22 years.


11 Craig Road