Infinite Bar List: The Vintage Room

The Vintage Room is a charming little place at Duxton Hill; embodying 1920s old world glamour, think Tom Buchannan and his mistress at their apartment. Red walls with vintage golden furniture, dainty ornaments as details, plenty well-lit by warm lights. This actually looks more like a high-tea place for taitais to converge than a watering hole. Very unlike any other bars we’ve been to.


While the décor is positively feminine, the drinks are not. The Vintage Room puts emphasis on their vintage wine/ champagne collection – sourced from all over the world. You can order by the glass, or per bottle.


We decided to go for cocktails instead. It was a short but decent list (about 8 variations), enough for each of us to find something to our liking. We stuck to the classics – old fashioned and negroni ($15 each). Maybe it’s because I wasn’t expecting much, in my mind I wrote it off as just another pretty bar. But my old fashioned was a great kick. My friend was equally lovin’ her negroni. The next round, I opted for a house recipe which didn’t fare that well. So I’d stick to the classics next time.

I would revisit this place with girlfriends for a catch-up session. It’s a nice place for photo-ops when you’re all dressed up.

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Here’s one of us:



37 Duxton Hill

Tue – Thu: 17:00 – 00:00
Fri: 15:00 – 01:00
Sat: 17:00 – 01:00

*All pictures were taken from The Vintage Room Facebook page.

Infinite Bar List: City Space

Located at the Equinox complex at Swissotel, you are guaranteed spectacular sights here. Unfortunately I visited during the hazy weather period and was unable to witness the glory of it at full potential. But even so, the glittering city lights were bright enough for us to enjoy panoramic views of the skyline. Singapore is a beautiful city especially at night, we should sit back to really soak it in and appreciate it more often. City Space is the perfect place to do so with its floor-to-ceiling glass windows, minimizing any obstructions to your view.


What sets it apart from New Asia Bar, which is just upstairs, I think, is that it is a quiet place to unwind. It’s literally how you would imagine a hotel bar to be. There’s a grand piano in the room, jazz music plays in the background, and the seats are typical hotel leather armchairs. New Asia Bar on the other hand is targeted at party people. The vibe is more pumped up and there’s a dancefloor. I would choose New Asia Bar to pop a bottle of champagne, but I’ll patronize City Space if I wanted a cocktail.

Their cocktail menu is impressive. Choose from an extensive list, there are 5 pages of cocktails, and the full drink menu is a whopping 22 pages. Ranging from classic cocktails to creative mixtures, to wine, beer, and any bottle you can think of.

Enlisting the help of expert mixologists, it’s one of the best hotel bars in Singapore. Their citrus juices are pressed by hand, mint from their herb garden and syrups are made in-house. Ice cubes are double frozen to ensure a cooler, crisper drink.


I ordered a classic cocktail – the pisco sour (on the left in the above picture), which originated from Peru by the way. It contains BarSol Pisco shaken till frothy with lime and a touch of sugar and egg white, topped with a dash of Aromatic Bitters. There is also an added passionfruit for extra fruitiness as done by locals in Peru. If anything I felt that the passionfruit overwhelmed the drink. There is an option to go without the passionfruit, so I would advise you to opt out of it if you do decide to go for a Pisco Sour.

GT ordered an Amber Tiger – Yamazaki 12 years and Lychee Liqueur with a hint of Cinnamon and Vanilla syrup, home pressed lemon juice topped with Tiger Beer Espuma and ginger ale Caviar. This drink was absolute bliss. I have a weakness for sour drinks it’s true, but this was so delicious. GT gave the whole glass to me halfway because you know, he’s such a great boyfriend 😉

Try to visit during happy hour between 5-8pm because the cocktails then are $15, compared to $22 otherwise. It’s a very quiet place, and service is attentive. I find it an ideal place for dates because it is quiet and romantic with a good view to boot. Note that for window seats there is a minimum spend of $60.

Oh and how can I forget, they serve the best complimentary bar snacks ever. Period. Golden pillows and two different flavoured nacho chips. I think we ended up eating more than we were drinking.

Do drop by if you are in the area, and I strongly recommend this place for dates. It’s out of the box and you won’t find any hipsters here.

2 Stamford Road
70F Swissotel The Stamford
Tel: +65 6837 3322
Sun to Thu: 5pm–1am
Fri & Sat: 5pm–2am


Steph & Ging’s Infinite Bar List 3

Today my friend asked me why I’m posting so many pictures of myself up here. Am I mistaking this for Instagram? I realized I should stick to what this blog was made for. So I’m going to do one of those classic infinite bar lists right now.

The Library
47 Keong Saik Road

You must have heard of The Library by now, it is the bar that requires a password for entry. Some people complain that it is gimmicky and exclusive. But it’s just a very simple marketing strategy at the end of the day. Their password is always posted as a status on their Facebook page. So essentially they just want you to check back constantly for updates. There was one week when the password was about the newest dish on the menu at Keong Saik Snacks. Now we all know about that don’t we? Their scheme worked.

I’m also not dissing on their password gimmick because I’m head over heels in love with this place. I’ve learnt that the best seat at a bar is always at the bar counter where you watch the bartenders in action. These bartenders are serious about their drinks and really know what they are doing. Organized, orderly and in the zone. They are generous with the alcohol, use high quality ingredients and are really detailed about the presentation. It was impressive.

There was one drink I ordered that came with a banana note (currency used in WW2 in Singapore) laminated and used as a coaster. Of course, their most distinctive and signature drink is the rubber ducky drink that comes in a mini bath tub with a floating rubber ducky inside, meant to be shared among four. It’s gin based, and I usually don’t drink anything besides whisky so this was a change. But wow it was so good. If you can’t take ginger though, you might want to tell the bartender to tone the spice down by a notch.




The decor at this place was private, dim and classy. But the funny thing is they manage all of that WHILE being young and quirky too. That’s one reason why I’m taking more to this place than 28 HKS, another top choice.

I need and want to go back again. And given that there are so many bars in Singapore, a repeat visit to any one shows how good it is!

Cufflink Club
6 Jiak Chuan Road

This is just a few steps away from The Library, but worlds apart in terms of standards. I suspect that the rejects from The Library usually end up at Cufflink Club out of convenience and resignation. The bar is pretty open, you can just walk in and plop down on a seat and no waiter would notice you. When I ordered, it tasted diluted and watered down. I paid waaaay too much for what I got.

The Walking Dead

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