The Clan @ Bukit Pasoh Road

About a month ago, a friend told me about The Clan. It’s by the same people at Dozo, and follows a very similar concept. Value-for-money fine-dining set menus. Only the cuisine is different here. While Dozo is strictly Japanese, The Clan is more fusion, with asian-western influences.

After seeing it being heavily promoted on, I decided to make a reservation. Love it when reservations are only one click away. No more repeatedly spelling my name over the phone because the receptionist couldn’t catch it. Daphne? Stephenie? Last name please?

The restaurant was full when I arrived. Most were in their late twenties to early thirties. I guess if I needed a face to what a hungrygowhere reader looks like I would come here.

On to the decor: It’s a big restaurant, occupying two whole floors. I think it can seat about 110 people at once. The thing about the Clan and Dozo is they don’t really pay much attention to interior design. So the restaurant came off a bit tacky and trying too hard to be atas. For example the chairs tables and carpentry looked a bit cheap. But you know what, at the end of the day this really isn’t a concern. Nobody came for the decor. We all wanted those damn set menus!

Another thing is the waiters were OVERLY friendly. They crossed the line of politeness to invasive I think. The would drape their arm over your chair while talking (extensively) to you. Or kneel down next to you while taking your order. It’s not just one or two waiters. Many try to engage in prolonged conversations with you which I find a bit unnecessary. Plus they spoke in Chinese.

My takeaway is it’s okay-nice food at reasonable prices… Definitely not the most fancy place. There is no romantic or comfortable vibe. On the contrary lights are so bright they are harsh! However that didn’t stop about 30 couples to have dinner there. More than half the restaurant consisted of lovebirds on dates.

The irony is I didn’t end up getting the set menu. I ordered a-la-carte so I could try more starters and fuck the soup and dessert. We ordered like almost every starter on the menu haha. Here goes:

Chef starter:20130826-121519.jpg

Oyster in 3 ways ($25) – Oysters were fat and fresh. I liked them a lot. It was also my first time having an oyster shot – I’m a fan. The sourness of whatever vinegarish ingredient they added to the oyster works so well.20130826-121552.jpg

Alaskan King Crab w Homemade Karashi Dressing ($25) – Even though they only served one little leg of the crab, it was really fleshy and good. Love the accompanying salad dressing too – a mix of balsamic vinegar and sesame.20130826-121534.jpg

Beef Carpaccio w Truffle Teriyaki & Horseradish Sauce‚Äč ($25) – I actually scraped the dressing off the beef carpaccio because the truffle teriyaki dressing was so thick creamy and flavorful that I couldn’t enjoy the beef very well. Even truffle oil would be okay. Teriyaki was too much.20130826-121542.jpg

Herb Crusted Mushroom Escargot ($16) – This was good! Escargots + herbs + garlic can never go wrong! And over here they really spam the herbs!20130826-121620.jpg

Deep Fried Foie Gras, Balsamico Reduction & Cheese Focaccia ($16) – so this kinda sucked. I wish they didn’t deep fry the foie gras and serve it normally.20130826-121604.jpg

Steamed Razor Clam, Salmon Trout Roe Drizzled w Japanese Sauce ($16) – Yeah this kinda sucked as well. They’re done so much better at Chinese restaurants. I think they served it too dry, and it was too bland. I personally would add a bit of soup/gravy over it plus more garlic.20130826-121612.jpg

48 Hours Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone ($38) – A popular dish found on every table. It is served raw and you cook it yourself on the lava stone so you can moderate your preferred doneness. I found it okay. Presentation gets an A+ though.20130826-121640.jpg

Green Lobster Crustacean Oil Pasta ($32) – Kinda spicy. Generous with lobster and prawns. The pasta reminded me of meepok because it was overly yellow.20130826-121630.jpg

In case you’re wondering, the five-course set lunch is at $48.50, and the 6-course dinner menu is at $65.80.