Season Recap

Taking a break from all my food posts for another one of my loves, television… Plopping my ass down to be a couch potato after a long day is my favourite activity. TV first, computer second. ­čÖé

Downton Abbey Season 3
Other TV series have been name-dropping Downton Abbey, which I see as a really great honour that trumps even an Emmy because these OTHER shows are telling THEIR viewers to watch YOU, because you’re THAT good. When I first started with Downton I thought it was a girl’s thing. Only girls are into costumes and opulence and historical dramas right? Then I realized men were watching it too. And then viewers across the pond in America loved it, too. There’s no sex, no nudity in this, it’s just a really good drama that I think everyone would really love. I cried a lot this season. And the ending was even more tragic. But Downton isn’t usually that depressing. The tumultuous plot makes for very good drama.

Suits Season 2

Um I’m so confused, why is it that Pearson Hardman is always at “war” and thinks everything is a “game”. The corporate battle is getting old and confusing especially when they keep introducing new characters. Can they please go back to solving good cases, with small romances at the side? Otherwise I might give this a miss next season. The quote I hate the most? “Our backs are against the wall”. If I hear it uttered one more time I’ll really stop watching.

The Carrie Diaries Season 1
If you didn’t know, this show is about a 16-year-old Carrie Bradshaw before she made it big with Sex & The City. If I were 16 years old I would probably love this show.

Homeland Season 2
I have the season finale on my backburner I refuse to watch because this season was painful. This is supposed to be in the thriller genre right? Then why was I constantly bored. And I can’t watch another scene with Carrie and Brody in it. They’re the fakest couple ever with zero on screen chemistry.

90210 Season 5

It’s the final season, finally. I’ve been a loyal fan all along and it’s a great teen drama. It didn’t spiral downward like Gossip Girl did, it didn’t get all lame and incredulous. But yes it’s time to wrap things up. I would have loved for Naomi and Max to stay married though.

Whitney Season 2
Favourite! Way too underrated. They’re the most hilarious on screen couple and nobody realizes! Damn.

Girls Season 2
I don’t hate Lena Dunham, I hate the character Hannah, there’s a difference. Lena Dunham is brilliant for creating Hannah, because she is almost too spot on about the traits of today’s young adults. But the selfishness, irresponsibility, brattiness and general entitlement that Hannah thinks she deserves has become increasingly annoying because yes life is hard, but her attitude is so bad. She is actually luckier than the rest since she’s privileged, from an upper-middle class family. But wow I’ve never seen a more self-centered, narcissistic and childish person. I get so angry everytime I see Hannah. And the thing is I think a lot of us (me and my friends) are quite similar to Hannah because we are equally entitled and privileged, and it’s no secret that our generation is selfish and lazy. Seeing Hannah is like looking into a mirror sometimes which is why Lena Dunham is a hipster genius but also why I get really angry.

What I think Girls should do is zoom out from Hannah’s life and divide the spotlight equally among the four main girls. Because there’s always a free spirit, a pretty one, and a goody-two-shoes in our midst. It’ll be good to take a break from Hannah’s whining.

I can’t believe I wasted so much time watching shit shows. You know what, I’m going to stick to South Park from now on, it never lets me down.

Cougar Town vs Scrubs

Cougar Town is the kind of show that you write off as ditzy. I mean, it’s just Courtney Cox running around in her middle-aged skinny ass making animated faces and very cheesy jokes. However parallels can easily be drawn to Scrubs. I’m just ranting off the top of my head here so forgive me for not doing any research but these two shows do run very similarly. Same cable network, same kind of humour, and yeah, same kind of humour. But Scrubs can go and win like a million emmy awards while Cougar Town is seen as trashy. And based on what, that Scrubs is set in a hospital and Cougar Town is set in a suburban town in Florida? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Scrubs all the way up to its finale. But is it possible that Cougar Town is being overlooked just because it is helmed by a skinny woman and therefore cannot be taken seriously? Cougar Town is currently in its third season and I still love it because on the surface it may seem like a big joke but every episode never fails to end off with a heartwarming message and a very realistic picture painted of old friends and neighbors.

Anyway, here’s one of the most surprising endings to a Cougar Town episode because guess what, the entire Scrubs cast made a cameo! You might not get it if you don’t watch Scrubs but basically…. the entire Scrubs cast is now in the Cougar Town house. Made me really happy!

Mad Men – Mar 25

Anybody here watch Mad Men? Cuz they’re back and I can’t wait to see Roger Sterling again. Yeah… I’m more into the Roger Sterling type than Don Draper! Don Draper is just way too messed up to function. All his issues are catching up with him. Roger is the complete opposite. He just doesn’t give a fuck (except when it comes to work).

The poster and billboards that got me so excited :

Aren’t the billboards amazing. The opening sequence of every Mad Men episode shows the shadow of Don Draper falling out of buildings. So yeah the building graffiti below is so apt.

The Iron Lady & Spring Awakening

It is a crime Meryl Streep hasn’t received all the Best Actress awards she deserves. If she doesn’t win again this year, it can be confirmed that the oscar panel is conspiring against her.

Outstanding performance in The Iron Lady. Caught the movie today and Meryl Streep was in every frame/scene from start to finish, perfectly portraying both the young and old Margaret Thatcher. Props to hair and make up too, for un-glamourizing and age-ing her so believably. The Iron Lady probably won’t win best film, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get recognized for the acting.

Because honestly, I’m rather disappointed by the movie. The movie barely skimmed the surface of Margaret Thatcher’s life. It was as good as saying nothing at all. I’d much rather explore in depth one significant event of her life than speed through her years for the sake of getting to the end. Now, there is no clear message of what the movie was trying to tell. Besides the obvious that is Margaret Thatcher was a strong woman bla bla bla.

Last year The History Channel aired a mini tv-series on the Kennedys titled, well, The Kennedys. It was 7 episode long and you might know it if you’re a Katie Holmes fan because she played the role of Jackie O. I believe there is basis for comparison because both The Iron Lady and The Kennedys were based on strong, historical political leaders. JFK unfortunately led a much shorter life than Margaret Thatcher, yet needed seven episodes to tell his story as opposed to two hours for The Iron Lady. It was a really bad choice to condense her entire life into two hours and only briefly touch on certain highlights of her life.

A few years ago there was a movie, Nowhere Boy. It was about John Lennon. It was a biographical movie, but I enjoyed it, because it focused on John Lennon’s youth, his life as a child growing up. This is a time people rarely pay attention to; because his marriage, his death, and his music with The Beatles are more ‘hot topic’. So the movie offered a really cool and surprising perspective.

Iron Lady was disappointing where this is concerned.

Oh yeah caught Spring Awakening too, the Singapore adaptation. On the third final day it was gonna show because I wasn’t even aware that it was showing. Thank goodness because I’ve had Mama Who Bore Me in my ipod ever since it came out on broadway. It was good for a small scale production. Except that ticket prices are expensive considering it is a, small scale production. The main girl REALLY really reminds me of Lea Michelle. They have the exact same voice and are so annoyingly dramatic. I am also concerned that there are no rating advisories for such shows. There were children in the audience. AND in the cast.

Free beer with every ticket, score.

Things that inspired me in the past week: The Descendants, Placid Acid

I never knew Hawaii was so big, until I saw the Descendants last week. It’s made up of a bunch of islands and space is so vast with so much nature it’s like paradise. Or at least that’s what many of us would like to think. Because the movie started with George Clooney narrating a disclaimer, that people assume lives are perfect in Hawaii and that Hawaiians are perpetually on vacation. But people in Hawaii have the same problems, same heartbreaks as any one else. And so the story begins.

I wanted to love this movie so bad. I loved the ending, and there were a few special moments throughout, but overall it wasn’t stimulating enough for me to love it. It is cool to see George Clooney take on such a parental role. But I’d like to see another Ocean’s Eleven please. Overall a very family-friendly movie, if your family doesn’t mind sentences like “you cheap slutty hoebag”.

Tourist. – Placid Acid

Another thing that really inspired me this week is this sick sick tune from Tourist, it is called ‘Placid Acid’. I’m dying because I can’t find the mp3 anywhere online, and it kills me when I am out and about with the tune stuck in my head and I can’t satisfy my ear craving because I don’t have the song in my iPod!!!

Quick summary: Tourist is this dude from UK previously known as Little Cloud, and he has done remixes for a buncha songs. Placid Acid though, is his debut solo track and I’m so obsessed with it, it’s been on repeat for the past three days.

Why I love it: It’s electronic, but it’s so fucking chill throughout, and then there’s the amazing poppy bridge at the end that lifts you up way high. I was surfing for new music from my favourite music blogs, usually I’ll let the songs play in a playlist. When this song came on, Eargasm really.

Computer woes

This last thing is really random, but lately I’ve been having problems with my track pad and clicker on my laptop. They haven’t been very responsive. And then I read in a forum that the problem could be a bulging battery that is pushing against the trackpad and affecting the sensitivity of it. So I removed the battery from my laptop and it was like a miracle. I guess the whole ‘overcharging your battery’ thing is so true.

The Ides of March

I made sure I secured tickets to see the ides of march when it came out. There are only three┬átheaters┬áin Singapore showing it, and they each have only 1 showtime per day. Unbelievable. The same happened with Tree of Life which I wanted to watch so bad but there were never available shows to catch. So this time I booked my tickets well in advance and all that and finally watched ides of march today. Whaaat. It was so good. The movie is full of talented and good looking people. It’s unreal.

I’ll admit though, the main reason I wanted to watch this movie so bad at first was the cast. BOTH george clooney AND ryan gosling. The girls evan rachel wood and marisa tomei. Freaking star-studded. Checked IMDB, four stars, booked tickets pronto.

I never really got what girls saw in Ryan Gosling. Yeah he’s hot but he’s not that cute. But hell he is such a good actor. And he continuously chooses such amazing roles for himself that propel his acting career upward and forward. He might have started off being the teenage heartthrob but he is such a serious actor now with serious acting skills. He’s been taking on a myriad of roles and he just keeps delivering. And the decisions he makes reflect on him and he just seems like such a smart guy who cleverly built his image from day one to what he is today. If you think ryan gosling, you’re going to think, smart, hot, insanely cute and funny. In other words, he’s george clooney. He’s leonardo dicaprio. He’s up there now with the big guys. Definitely among the top actors in hollywood.

(As if these guys aren’t good looking enough already, they have a presence that is so consuming and attractive *swoon*)

So I really respect the guy, how hard and clever he works to progress in his career today. Did you know George Clooney directed and wrote the screenplay for ides of march? Freaking amazing. He’s always pushing boundaries and not resting on his laurels. Ryan gosling strikes me as the same kind. But we’ll wait to see. The movie is kind of sad and realistic at the end, circumstances change and force people to change. You don’t really have a choice. It’s a sad truth. And even more sadly, nice guys do finish last…

Anyway, I believe that many others were equally excited to see the movie too, because in my row alone there were three people who went to see the movie alone. That really says a lot about how desperately you want to see a movie. In front of me there were two different people who went alone as well. Would you go to see a movie alone? I never have, but I gladly would for georgie george.

TCS Fall TV Guide

Fall TV season is just about to hit us, and your favourite tv shows Gossip Girl, Dexter, etc are ready to make their comeback. But there are a few brand new series that have piqued my interest and perhaps they might to you too!

Firstly, #1 on my list is Revenge, starring Emily Vancamp whom I always found cute since her days on Brothers & Sisters but anyway, that is irrelevant. The storyline, according to ABC is half glamorous Hamptons lifestyle and half mystery thriller. It reminds me of City Hunter the recent hit Korean drama, which follows the same concept. Watching City Hunter was a thrill and I’m quite sure Revenge would be too, what with the extremely good looking cast, picturesque filming locations and DUH I’m so excited for the revenge plot. Definitely can’t wait! Click here for the trailer.

Secondly, Hart of Dixie. Because Rachel Bilson is one of the most likeable small screen actresses of our day. I mean, we all want to see our favourite girl fall down and pick herself up again. This is definitely a feel-good show for girls. My only gripe is that it is based in the South – in Alabama. Because of that, and as much as I don’t want it to, I think it will be cancelled. Because it will be unable to sustain viewership and attention after a while. People don’t want to watch TV shows about southern accents and tow trucks and nothing glamorous – not even Rachel Bilson’s hair. I pray I’m wrong though. Watch the trailer here.

Third, Pan Am. Following the success of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, etc, comes another period piece Pan Am – which I like to think is the girls version of Mad Men. It’s going to be smart and subtly funny, set in the same era as Mad Men, but this time it’s going to be all about the girls. The boys can’t have all the fun right? Plus, I’m sick of boys thinking that they’re Don Draper – that they have the right to be obnoxious, lie, cheat yet still be successful and desirable at the same time. I’m sick of watching such a male-centric show. Bring on Pan Am. Watch the trailer here.

OK I love this – 2 Broke Girls – but honestly I think it belongs on Disney Channel, and that Kat Dennings is carrying the entire weight of this show on her shoulders. This show needs MORE characters!! That said I am in LOVE with Kat Dennings she is super hilarious. Watch trailer here.

Of course, there are many other shows that will air, and among them I think “New Girl” starring Zoey Deschanel might be very popular because she does have quite a following… I personally find it a bit contrived though. Check it out on Youtube if you want. Also, another Mad Men-esque show coming up is The Playboy Club… Even the title is contrived. But what can I say, Amber Heard is so hot. Her hotness is underrated. She needs to be in the next Transformers movie to make everyone realize her hotness.

Hangover 2

Part 1 undoubtedly experienced phenomenal success, but I’m feeling a teeny bit skeptical about the upcoming one. Not entirely skeptical, but it seems like they’re adopting the exact same storyline as the first. Is it going to work again? What new hangover ideas can they have? From the trailer there seems to be few fresh ideas and they’re sticking to their tried -and-tested formula. Nonetheless I’m excited to find out..

My 2 cents: this week’s movies

Black Swan

Honestly, Black Swan freaked me out. I kept thinking throughout the movie, what kind of psycho lunatic would write a script so twisted, on so many levels? Nothing is as it seems, it’s one level of twisted over another and over another. However, most crazy people are sort of genius, and in the case of these script writers, this theory definitely rings true.

If you were to ask me to describe the story, I would say, “Person so stressed out to succeed, becomes paranoid and gradually insane.” Based on that idea alone, they built an entire spectrum of probabilities. The way they weave every intricate detail together, and layer every plot over every scheme, there’s only one word to describe it… Mindfuck.

Best movie of 2010? No. Sadly, my heart is too weak to handle the gory scenes, and because of that I do not love this movie. I’m sure most people are stronger than me though, and would love such mindfuckery, for lack of better word. What I loved most about the movie is the ending, so few movies have proper endings nowadays so this one was really good. It was just so very apt how everything was ‘falling’ into place at once. The costumes by Rodarte were spectacular as well.

Best Actress? No. Ok, Natalie Portman performed her role superbly, but I can’t help but feel that she is always acting the same sort of weak, fragile character. This role is nothing new for her, she is not pushing her boundaries and that is why she does not deserve the Best Actress recognition. Girl is just very lucky to have received this role so suited to her style. Just like her character, Natalie Portman is stiff, and can only always be the white swan, never the black.

No Strings Attached

My friend and I thought it would be fun to watch No Strings Attached immediately after, to see how Natalie Portman would fare in a role that required less frowning and crying. Wow that movie was so mediocre. It’s not just because we watched it immediately after the masterpiece of Black Swan, the storyline of NSA didn’t even go anywhere, or mean anything. And this is coming from a person who LOVES chick flicks. Don’t watch it!

Adjustment Bureau

Since I’ve already written about 2 movies, I might as well write about another. I also caught Adjustment Bureau this week.. another bad movie. I could tell that it TRIED to be good though. Too bad they fell short because they had an initial good concept but went the wrong way with the inclusion of romance. In my opinion, sorry for being so critical, when they tried to mix romance with action, the result was so painfully cheesy. And the ending, was so conveniently abrupt.

Never Let Me Go

“It had never occurred to me that our lives, which had been so closely interwoven, could unravel with such speed. If I’d known, maybe I’d have kept tighter hold of them and not let unseen tides pull us apart.”

-Kathy H., Never Let Me Go

The length of the book always put me off reading it, so I never discovered the brilliance it encompassed until this afternoon when I watched the movie. It starred all my favourite actors; Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield and Keira Knightley. I didn’t really know what to expect, because the synopsis of the movie didn’t reveal very much. As soon as it started, my brain was put to work, because their world was a different one from what we know of and I had to figure out their kind.

Never Let Me Go is one of the most epic love stories I have ever watched. Their love is so intense it will break your heart and linger to haunt you long after it has ended. The main characters Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Kathy (Carey Mulligan) are the kind of couple you know are meant to be together since you first saw them. But the world just won’t let them be.

This is definitely a movie for the girls, it is no 27 dresses romantic comedy, but it is a great love story. I highly recommend it, and guarantee you’ll be in tears at the end. Sure, it makes you feel sad, but it will move you with all the love in the world.