Creepy love story of the day

So disturbed. This family outing is almost the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Mary Kate was spotted out with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy (he’s half brothers with Nicholas Sarkozy) and his daughter. In the pictures below though, it is easy to mix up the girlfriend with the daughter. They’re the same size and height. Will Olivier squeeze the wrong butt by mistake? I shudder to imagine. I’d keep the pedophilia hotline on speed dial.

How is it okay to smoke in front of your boyfriend’s kid? She probably forgot for a moment because even the kid is taller than her.

Like a boss. The guy probably took the longest route from point A to point B so as to parade his two daughters in front of photographers.

Is this love? Hmm. At least mk is having fun, smoking a cigarette and not giving any fucks. Oh, wait.

TCS Fave: Yao Chen (Marie Claire Aug 11)

Duh! When I found that Yao Chen was gracing yet another magazine cover I couldn’t contain my excitement.. She is the most beautiful Chinese woman to have emerged in recent times (in my opinion) and she is always so well dressed and for some reason every magazine spread she’s in is always amazing. Even Marie Claire- never very adventurous with their editorials- did a fine job photographing Yao Chen. I think she imparts a very fine quality and direction in every thing she’s involved in!

Most Beautiful Women Hong Kong

Sorry for the short hiatus, I’m back bitches. Continuing with our Asian focus, today I present you the most beautiful women in Hong Kong. I’m currently planning a short trip to Hong Kong in July with friends, to shop till we drop so I’m really excited about it, hence this post 🙂 I love how some of the most beautiful women in the world agreed to deviate from the conventional idea of beauty and shoot these photos. Hongkongers just have an effortless cool about them. Enjoy!

I’m obsessed with Angelababy now. Before, I was pretty WTF about her name. But she’s so cute/pretty/hot, anything goes seriously. This is her below:

Ok and of course my all time idol Cecilia Cheung. Sooo pretty + stylish.

I wish I had a godmother like Carina Lau! She is the picture of sophistication. What every woman should strive to be 🙂

Isabella Leong

Qi qi.

Faye Wong

Shu Qi.

Kim Kardashian wearing something I like??

Holy shit? What is happening? I’m actually loving Kim Kardashian’s outfit. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Kim Kardashian everyone knows that. A good friend even gifted me with Kim Kardashian perfume and lotion set on my birthday, which was on 8 April, incidentally the day this photograph of Kim was taken. Coincidence?

Kim Kardashian knows how to look good, you gotta give her that. She dresses to flatter her figure well and it takes seriously mad skills. Because quite honestly I think she is fat. Ooops but she plays tricks on your mind with the help of belts and heels and you get the illusion that she is hot.

And compared to her Paris Hilton days I think she’s really classed it up. I watch the Kardashians on E all the time and Kim seems to be a really good girl to me. She’s really mellow and sort of a prude- like me. I admit, I’m a prude, but whatever. Kim Kardashian is one too!

Love everything about this outfit maybe minus the out of place hat and the flashy Hermes belt. Tuck the shirt out and I’m all set lol. Really love the jeans she has on.

Since we are on the topic, more outfits made for me…
My style icon/ hero/ goddess Emmanuelle Alt swoon. And below is the most adorable Chinese model du jour Shu Pei.


To shed a bit of light on the local fashion scene in Singapore, David Gan and gang seem to be the most prominent group. And they know it. They are a show off-y and way too flashy, in my opnion. Honestly I feel quite embarrassed by their fashion choices, not because I am unaccepting of avante garde tastes or whatever but I don’t feel they can quite pull it off very well!
However i am in love with Fann Wong’s glasses in the last picture. Plus points!


Saw the glasses worn by Fann Wong when I was shopping at On Pedder. They are completely gold! I love those.

Rene Liu

I have discovered the void of asian fashion blogging. So I’m going to fill those shoes starting from now. Because besides me, no one really knows/ thinks that Asian people are well dressed. We get way less credit than we deserve. Asian streetstyle images or even photos from events are far and few. Whereas even the trashiest people like Tara Reid and Heidi Montag get featured on fashion blogs and magazines, albeit on the worst dressed lists.

Enough talking. I’ll start my latest venture with a picture of Rene Liu (“Nai Cha” Liu Ruo Ying) at *unknown place* wearing *unknown designer* (besides her bougainvillea birkin bag) looking fabulous. I just love seeing birkins with their flaps closed over the top.

I know, my blogging career is off to bad start with so many *unknown* unchecked facts. But a picture paints a thousand words.