Music Monday (6 May 2013)

Everyone’s obsession with Daft Punk’s new song has sparked off a cover and remix frenzy. Here’s a cover by Daughter that is note worthy though I’d still rather spin the original, given a choice.

Daughter has really exploded recently. If you’re looking for someone similar to explore, I’d recommend a kiwi! The name is Lorde, and I’d like to call her Daughter with swag and new beats. She’s also less depressing than Daughter is. Lorde sings mostly about keeping it real, and positivity in general.

The Love Club is a really chill track that makes you bob your head and tap your feet and “join the love club, because everything will glow for you”. I actually heard it playing at the H&M at Somerset, and I think that the music director of H&M Somerset and I listen to the same music because everytime I go there I love every song played. And the songs are all really current also, which means that the guy is doing his work!

Bravado is about making it big on her own. It starts of slow and kicks in in the later part.

Royals is about how everyone’s so wealth obsessed while she is kind of poor. It’s totally not depressing though, it’s so down to earth and tongue in cheek. I loooove Lorde.

Music Monday (29 April 2013)

Having this new Music Monday edition forces me to blog at least once weekly, and to sort out my music library more often. With the introduction of Spotify on our shores this month, life has been so much easier because I no longer need to source high and low for my favourite mp3s to download, as I can easily stream everything on Spotify.

So here is my playlist for the week on spotify. I named it Month of May as I intend to keep this for all my favourite songs of the month. You can follow me at my user stephsiau. Simply type in spotify:user:stephsiau in your Spotify search bar.

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at PM 02.09.32

As you can see, there are too many stellar choices to recommend this week and I don’t know where to start. I think I’ll go with The 1975 as they made two appearances within 1 playlist. They are very ‘pop’ for an indie band and while their most popular song is Chocolate, my favourite is Sex.

Honorary mentions for songs of the week go to M83, Owl Eyes, AlunaGeorge and MS MR.

Music Monday

I’m back with more gifts, thinking of making this edition a weekly. I’ve had comments on the previous post that the songs sucked, I’m sorry if you don’t like what I love but I’ve done my part in sharing.

Empire of the Sun – Alive

So this is the only song I’ve been listening to all of last week because it really gets me going. I need it, especially when I spend 9.5 hours at the computer everyday. Life’s been dull to say the least.

[MP3 download]
*Please note that I have password protected the file so as to restrict it to my readers only, and you can access it with ‘thecrazyshakes’.

Have a good week ahead! I’m waiting for GT to finish exams so that we can finally go out to celebrate our anniversary, belatedly.

Tristan Prettyman – I Was Gonna Marry You

So Tristan Prettyman is one of my favourite singers. I discovered her in 2007 when I attended an intimate acoustic gig she held at the Esplanade recital studios during the mosaic festival.

This new song is about how she was blind sided when Jason Mraz broke off their engagement unexpectedly. What’s worse is they were doing so well and he couldn’t give a legit reason for his sudden change of heart.

I watched a video of her singing this live, I don’t know how she did it but she managed to gracefully finish the whole song without her nose stuffing up and her voice breaking up, though she did shed some tears.

I can’t see why Mr A-Z would give her up, they were so musically in tune and their chemistry really showed in their collaborations. But anyway I think he’s on some road to try to attain nirvana now or something with his hippie beard and long hair and needs time alone to do yoga and om namaste.

Whatever it is I still think the position he put TP in is unreasonable and unfair and he was being so selfish and I’m speaking from experience. Sorry.

Lana Del Rey

Just got lost in time watching Lana Del Rey videos, because you know, her videos have to average at 8 minutes each for some reason. Before I knew it, an hour had passed. Her latest music video, Ride, clocked 10:09. At 3+minutes she was still narrating shit about her ‘life’ interspersed with some totally fake sniffing. My one hour spent confirmed that I’m not buying what she’s selling.

I do enjoy her music and videos. It’s a dark, alternative kind of brilliance. And she looks perfect all the time. But I’ve learnt to take LDR with a pinch of salt. She has an entourage the size of Lady Gaga’s following her everywhere, fussing over every out of place curl and chipped nail. And her 10-min music video budgets do seem to exceed Lady Gaga’s too. She’s no indie darling, she’s a big budget blockbuster packaged and served as indie.

She assumes a dangerously dark persona in her music, supposedly jaded by the men she’s met. How much of this is real/ fake – especially when she doesn’t even write most of her songs. If she really lives the way her lyrics make it seem, then I predict an Amy Winehouse-like future for her because she’s really fucked up. But she wants to live fast die young anyway.

There are moments when I love LDR though, when she’s sitting on a throne with two tigers by her side, or when she’s being fucked from behind but her expression remains icy while she takes another drag from her cigarette. Even the monologue in ‘Ride’ that I was complaining about. These are moments of badass gold.

“I am fucking crazy, but I am free”


This feels like Talent Time and you’re the judge. Here I put up some really gold oldies and respective covers of the tunes. All spectacular, so which will you choose?

The original “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone. Chill, jazz, soul. A subtle bad ass-ness involving cigars and whiskey.

Muse – “Feeling Good”. If nina simone’s version is sex, then muse’s take is rough rough sex. We like it rough and we’re “feeling gooood”.

Weezer – “Say it ain’t so”. It’s weezer.

Asher Roth – “College’. The Weezer song gave birth to Asher Roth’s inspiration. Lyrics are tacky and are crude, maybe it does weezer zero justice. But don’t we all love this.

Ringing in summer

Screw St Tropez. Summer is endless in Singapore. Suck on these Chinese nuts. Lalala.

“Too much money in the bank account”

Here is a summer resolution list, as suggested by the above music video:

  1. Swim in a pool of champagne
  2. Shower in champagne
  3. Drink the damn champagne HELL YEAH


How can you swallow so much sleep?

Kirsten Dunst, Vogue Italia Feb 12

Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

This video is under four minutes long, yet took six months to make. I think the team hand crafted all the props in the video and it’s very elaborate. I realize BBC quickened the beats on the track for the video, to fit the dreamy/ inspiring theme of the video. Usually when I listen to the original audio track though, I find it to be the most hopelessly romantic song :’) Even though there are exactly three lines of very vague lyrics repeated over and over. I could listen to this all day!

Daughter – Landfill


I’ve been listening to the same song on repeat for the past two days. Full fledged obsession has to be shared. I even uploaded the song on mediafire so all of you can download it easily. Click here and you won’t regret it. While my mind is usually blown by advanced musical compositions, the simplicity of the melody here is appreciated so that the words – so true, so painful, so understanding – can shine. There are dramatic drops, highs and lows still in the composition, in order to emphasize the emotion of the words at certain points. The song really teases your feelings and tugs at your heartstrings. The voice haunts you long after. Amazeballs.

Name of the artist is Daughter, title of the track is Landfill. In a nutshell it is about being in love with the wrong person, someone you know isn’t good for you but you can’t help it.

[download MP3]

Daughter also has another song, ‘youth’ that resounded within me the first time i heard it. Very powerful words.
Fave line,
“And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.
‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.”