Home Improvements

I’m currently obsessed with redoing my home bar (the only part of my home I can count as my own besides my bedroom). Though I can’t really do much about its structure, I think I might laminate the cherry wood to all white. A waste of the expensive wood, but times are a changing and I gotta switch it up. Anyway redecorating kind of got me looking at tons of home decor stuff online and I’m all pumped up now.

So obssessed with this door I found online, a perfect secret passage to a degen dungeon/ man cave/ lounge.


This is what my dream degen dungeon would look like :-


I want these pitchers but can’t justify paying more than $100 for them. Can already picture the perfect pool parties with these at the side.


And hopefully one day I can extend my degen corner outdoors.


And then, I would have lived.

Dream home

I’m currently in my cousins’ new home in Surabaya now. Their home is really modern compared to the other houses in this area. On the way here we drove past many houses with tall huge pillars and animal statues (like gargoyles and lions) which really made them look like banks in Batman cartoons. Anyway my cousins’ home was designed to be “less like a house, more like a villa”. Their family is always taking trips to Bali so I guess I know where their inspiration came from. This made me think of what I’d like my home to be like in the future.

I like having light in the house. A colour like white will make the place seem brighter. I’m not zen enough for overly modern designs, I like these simple, fuss free designs pictured below. And it reminds me of my own taste in fashion. It also has a very new york studio feel to it.

While the first two designs are a bit more raw, the later two are exactly the kind of homes I think Charlotte York would live in. ADORE.

Design inspiration

Before, I would have been unsure of the direction my future home’s interior design would take… But not anymore as I now know my future home would have a predominantly white interior, high ceilings, modern furniture sparsely scattered, clean lines. See below: