Staycation Inspiration

A few days ago I met a tourist who told me he was staying at Fort Canning Hotel and that was the first I’ve ever heard of such a place. He said it was newly opened and every room was equipped with a nespresso machine (!!!) and TWG teas, among other things. I looked the place up on the internet when I got home and wow I’m seriously impressed. Pictured below is the Deluxe room which is like the most basic but it’s already soo to die for.

After that I went to look up on other new hotels in Singapore and there is ONE that like hit it out of the park for me, its AMAZEBALLS. I’m talking about Amara Sanctuary Resort. Is this really Singapore? I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

On my wishlist.

It’s not that I drink a lot, or drink at home at all, but this is something I really want for my home right now and I am still searching for the perfect most vintage looking decanter a la Mad Men.

And by the way in the first photo is Roger Sterling who is my favourite character on the show because he is so damn sexy.

Inside wardrobe heaven…

So my mom read a report today that socialite Jamie Cuaca filed for divorce with her husband, asking for $450k a MONTH as alimony. She successfully froze $93m of her husband’s assets. This is on top of her own business that she runs. I guess some people really do lead such lives.. But for the rest of us actually living on earth, we just look at pictures.

This is inside Jamie’s closet. I didn’t think it was humanly possible to own so many croc birkins (and kellys). I WAS WRONG.


Links of the day

Home of Brazilian drug lord raided,  11 tons of marijuana and weapons were seized. Also found: Justin Bieber mural on walls. See photo here.

What would you write in your letter to Michelle Obama? What 8 year old kids wrote here and more.

No country may claim ownership of a planet or star, but the law says nothing about individuals. Spanish woman now officially owns the sun and is going to start charging you for using it. Read more.
Nicole Kidman’s NYC pad for rent at $45k/month- pictures here.

Found you guys a bargain

You can rent the entire Tokyo Mandarin Oriental Hotel for $873,795 per night. Not too bad.

India’s richest man Mukesh Ambani’s (personal net worth £18 billion) new 27-storey HOME (valued at £630 million), which he shares with his wife and three children.

Comes with:

  • health club with a gym and dance studio
  • at least one studio
  • a ballroom
  • guestrooms
  • a range of lounges and a 50 seater cinema
  • elevated garden with ceiling space to accommodate trees
  • three helicopter pads
  • underground parking for 160 cars
  • 600 staff

Facebook CEO and mutli-billionaire Mark Zuckerberg (personal net worth $4 billion, and with FB valued at $35 billion) rents this modest pad on a monthly lease.

[Photo credits: Mandarin Oriental, Gawker, Telegraph]