Tsumori Chisato Retrospective Singapore 2011

I am on a roll! I figured I might as well. Anyway recently the Tsumori Chisato retrospective was held at Forum. And as usual being my critical and picky (or maybe narrow minded if you like) self I do not like their clothing very much. You can google to find pictures from the exhibition. Anyway, I found pictures of people (real life people!) at the event so I’m just going to share whatever few treasured finds here. It’s quite funny because i actually signed up for some lucky draw to win Tsumori Chisato party invites but I didn’t get them. Maybe that explains my bitterness…

Oops, were you expecting more? Hee. I’m sorry.


To shed a bit of light on the local fashion scene in Singapore, David Gan and gang seem to be the most prominent group. And they know it. They are a show off-y and way too flashy, in my opnion. Honestly I feel quite embarrassed by their fashion choices, not because I am unaccepting of avante garde tastes or whatever but I don’t feel they can quite pull it off very well!
However i am in love with Fann Wong’s glasses in the last picture. Plus points!


Saw the glasses worn by Fann Wong when I was shopping at On Pedder. They are completely gold! I love those.