Let’s GAP Together

Was in Hong Kong over the weekend and I bought a few of the local magazines. This ad campaign by Gap caught my eye and is worth sharing.

Each ad features an eastern personality with their western counterpart. Cuzzz Gap brings people together πŸ™‚ Apparently the campaign aims to celebrate the freedom and liberation of China’s youth. Nice way to put it especially when you’re trying to tap into that market…

1) Entertainers: They need no introduction, Jolin Tsai & Usher.

Directors: Barry Levinson & Johnnie To


Photographers: Annie Leibovitz & Wing Shya

Environmentalists: Zhou Xun & Phillipe Costeau Jr

DJs: Diplo & Wordy



Bloggers: Wang Momo & Julia Frakes

Artists: Tristan Eaton & Ceilen Lau

Pretty cool people in this campaign.






New celeb crush


I have discovered Gong Hyo Jin who is so crazy sexy cool with an adorable smile to boot- I liken her to be the Chloe Sevigny of Korea and to top it off she designs her own boots collection too… As always, High Cut magazine presents a spectacular shoot:







TCS Fave: Yao Chen (Marie Claire Aug 11)

Duh! When I found that Yao Chen was gracing yet another magazine cover I couldn’t contain my excitement.. She is the most beautiful Chinese woman to have emerged in recent times (in my opinion) and she is always so well dressed and for some reason every magazine spread she’s in is always amazing. Even Marie Claire- never very adventurous with their editorials- did a fine job photographing Yao Chen. I think she imparts a very fine quality and direction in every thing she’s involved in!