Martini: Luck is an attitude

It’s challenging to successfully advertise alcohol without being offensive. How do you push the main purposes of alcohol, which are arguably “getting high” and “getting drunk” into your spot and still be socially – and tastefully – accepted. Referred to as a “merchant of death” as per movie Thank You For Smoking, it might be a lesser evil compared to tobacco and gunfire but still isn’t the healthiest substance that could lead to addiction. Alcohol companies can only rely on brand personality to push their products. And what might a failing alcohol do?

Prior to advertising, load up on lots and lots of PR… This time Martini held a major casting which saw 4000 applicants across Europe vying for a chance to be the new global face of Martini.


This new ad campaign by Martini reminds me of that split scene in 500 Days of Summer where Tom’s reality was juxtaposed with how he had imagined it to be. Similarly, here the main guy handles the same situation differently in separate screens and proving that your luck is in your own hands and you create your own fate. Of course, with Martini and martini glasses thrown in. Because ultimately you still have a product to sell to your target demographic.

I do think they’ve done a good job in making a TV-friendly spot with an inspiring underlying brand message. It was fun to watch and had a nice twist at the end. Very stylishly shot as well.

Chivas Regal: Live with chivalry. Here’s to friendship.

I’m not really a drinker. I love beer and champagne and a fruity martini but I can’t deal with anything else. This ad by Chivas makes me want to take a shot though. To friendship.

The two short films show four friends going through shit together, and later looking back and laughing at it over drinks. It really showcases the essence of how a good drinking session brings good friends even closer.

I think they did a great job emphasizing their brand message that is the importance of friendship. I don’t know about you but the only time and the only reason I drink is when I’m with my friends and having fun. And if you too bond with your friends over drinks then you can totally relate to this short film too.

I can see why they use dudes too. Chivas is really not a girl’s drink, no point going out of the way to reach the female audience when they’re still not going to drink it in the end. It’s a pretty manly drink.

Of course girls still appreciate this short film and its underlying message, just like how we all LOVED the hangover which was supposed to be a “dudes” show.

Levi’s Go Forth Manifesto

I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about this sooner, but I guess I haven’t been blogging much at all. This Levi’s ad  (below) is hands down my favourite ad of the year.. It’s actually the latest installment in Levi’s ongoing Go Forth campaign which I find so rebellious and carefree. I love it.

To me, this isn’t just an ad. The main focus of the ad isn’t Levi’s jeans, it’s the huge white writings that span across two pages in magazines and half the pages. And the message resounds in your mind, you linger a while longer to appreciate the teenagers being young, wild and having fun. Suddenly you feel the fire inside you, but first, to a Levi’s store!

Sadly, a Levi’s store never excites me. Firstly, I’m not going anywhere near those ugly Curve ID jeans, *no offence* to anyone who bought them but what the hell did they do to the back pocket logo?? It’s fugly and the washes are all so bad and dated. I’m not sure about the fit because I never bothered to try them but my mom didn’t look that awesome in them…

The jeans they currently stock are all unworthy of such a rad campaign. I’m sorely disappointed that they’re not communicating internally because the product and the ads have such different objectives. While the ad is distinctly young and fun, the products are more suited for people like my mom *no offence* again.

Also, the stores, the people who work at the stores, and the people who are shopping at the stores contribute to the shopping/ buying levi’s experience and they all are less than exciting.

That said, amazing ad campaign. Very uplifting and inspiring.

Let’s GAP Together

Was in Hong Kong over the weekend and I bought a few of the local magazines. This ad campaign by Gap caught my eye and is worth sharing.

Each ad features an eastern personality with their western counterpart. Cuzzz Gap brings people together 🙂 Apparently the campaign aims to celebrate the freedom and liberation of China’s youth. Nice way to put it especially when you’re trying to tap into that market…

1) Entertainers: They need no introduction, Jolin Tsai & Usher.

Directors: Barry Levinson & Johnnie To


Photographers: Annie Leibovitz & Wing Shya

Environmentalists: Zhou Xun & Phillipe Costeau Jr

DJs: Diplo & Wordy



Bloggers: Wang Momo & Julia Frakes

Artists: Tristan Eaton & Ceilen Lau

Pretty cool people in this campaign.