(1) I understand why Maldives is/was dubbed a honeymooner’s paradise. It is where you go to do absolutely nothing but enjoy the company you are with.

But I think it is an even better destination for families, because anyone who has been on a family holiday for 4 people or more would understand the logistical nightmare of coordinating everyone’s needs and interests. That’s why I would prefer being stuck on a beautiful private island together and leaving everyone to their own devices, regrouping at mealtimes. Nobody would have anything to complain about then.

I’d also met two singles who went by themselves. If you’re looking to fall off the grid for a couple days, I’d absolutely recommend it. Yes it is blissful and rejuvenating, but more than that is a chance to channel all your thoughts and energy to whatever you want, without distraction.

(2) It is as beautiful as the pictures advertise and more. Every time I wake to the view from my patio (where I am able to jump directly into the ocean), or when I step outside my villa to walk barefoot to yoga on the sandbank, or when I see baby stingrays/sharks swimming up to me at breakfast; I get the same sense of awe as the very first time. I don’t think it is possible to capture this magic in pictures actually.

Then I ask myself, can this experience be replicated anywhere else at a cheaper price tag and closer to home? After all, it is just sun sand sea. Surely we can find this elsewhere? But I guess not. For now anyway.

(3)┬áThe air smells slightly salty from the seawater. The pure remoteness is exhilarating. You will never be found here, if you didn’t want to be. There are less than 100 people on the island at all times. You’re outnumbered by fish!

It’d be more exciting if you’re a strong swimmer/diver, but I’m not and that’s okay. I still snorkeled everyday, and kayaked and swam.

Under the sea, I realize how much I don’t like corals. Our villa was 100m from the reef break, where the drop in the ocean is. The corals I saw scare me. I was sure I would get nightmares of corals on those nights, luckily I did not.

(4) Despite being an avoider of the sun, I surprisingly didn’t even try to stay indoors. I couldn’t peel myself away from the crystal clear water, as the sun warmed my skin while I leisurely read.

(5) Given the chance, would you give up everything and move here to work? As a front desk manager, or a dive instructor, as a bartender…? You would have paradise at your fingertips, and would you be happy? Island life may not be for everyone.