Steph’s Notes on Paris Part 2: The New Favourites

This recent trip to Paris has introduced me to new spots in the city, the following which are my favourites.


Mary Celeste – Blown away by this two-storey cornershop bar/resto. It is a grossly popular cocktail bar, but to me the star of the night was definitely their devilled eggs. I know you’re thinking, you can make devilled eggs at home. Trust me these are like no devilled eggs you have ever tasted. If I had to guess, the eggs were cooked in a broth, and they seasoned it with sesame. Place gets very crowded.

Artisan – While Mary Celeste was grungy, Artisan was arty farty. The space was open and well lit, looked more like a perfume lab than a cocktail bar. Chic!

Sherry Butt – Surprisingly it isn’t all sherry at Sherry Butt. But in a similar vein because the focus is on old man drinks, aka all my fave brown coloured liquids. The decor is very plush and manly like a cigar den but it’s actually a very friendly place and good for groups, cuz there are sofa seats.


Heimat – I cannot tell you how many “neo French”, “modern French”, “contemporary French” restaurants I have been to. But I just can’t find any bad with the cuisine, as pretentious as it sounds. I always manage to find a better one every time. Heimat is a blend of Italian and French cuisines. I thoroughly enjoyed every dish. Example: a strip of mackerel with ricotta and citrus cream and some sprouts. Linguine with a light cream and fish bits that tastes like udon.

David Toutain – I waited 9 months to try this restaurant! He loves to play on seasonable vegetables, and there were plenty of roots I couldn’t recognize during the meal sadly. But it’s not vegetarian! One dish had squid cut up like kway teow and served as a carb. You will find twigs and rocks on your plates. Service was stellar, they even let me choose my own knife from their collection of very quirky knives!

Le Dauphin – By the same people who brought us Le Chateaubriand, and is right next door to it. The main difference is, at Le Dauphin you can order a la carte, while Le Chateaubriand offers only set menus in two seatings. Le Dauphin places strong emphasis on drinking, and is a very vibrant restaurant. The food was sharing plates. I love paris!