&Sons @ China Square Central

A bacaro is not quite a restaurant, or a bar. It is where people stop by to have a drink and share a few small plates of cicheti after work. This concept originated in Venice and now we have our first and very own bacaro in Singapore, thanks to &Sons!

Having just opened in mid December, it is very new, so I was surprised that when I dropped by at 5.30pm it was already half full. And as it got later, the place filled to capacity. People were literally coming in droves. And there wasn’t even a happy hour.

20140224-193449.jpgThe place was modern chic – dark wood and everything. I don’t know why I feel “sassy” is the word for it. Might be the music; it is jazz, with a very James Bond kind of mood to it. I caught my companions and myself bobbing our heads during the 3 hours we spent here.


So we sat down and ordered a bottle of wine to start. The wine list was reasonable. I’m so sick of places where wines are at least $80. Here, the wines start at $35 for a simple white. Also, they have an extensive selection of cheese available. So if you’re thinking of a wine-and-cheese night, do try this place out.

Their food came in small sharing portions, and everything we ordered was super fresh and perfectly executed. They are clearly serious about their food. The standard for every dish served, every glass poured, is 10/10.

Sea Urchin Spaghetti Carbonara ($16). This didn’t quite taste like sea urchin, but it was the first dish that came, and we were starving so we devoured this eggy creamy dish in seconds! Accompanying it was crispy pork bits. A very simple savoury dish that you will definitely love.


Asparagus, Garlic & Anchovy sauce ($9). An interesting salad to add some green to the table. Anchovy sauce was very subtle, and there’s a bit of blended beetroot inside as well. The dressing kind of sat in the background and allowed the taste of the vegetables to take center stage. Overall really healthy and clean, and the garlic chips added to it an extra crunch.


Kurubota Pork Neck with Porcini Sauce ($15). It may be advertised as a kurubota pork dish, but the star here was undoubtedly the mushrooms in porcini sauce. It was super tasty. Pork was rather tough. The salad was dressed with balsamic vinaigrette which I feel balanced out the other flavours of the dish very well.


Prawn Cioppino with capers. ($12) I was reminded of tom yum when this arrived. It did turn out to be rather spicy, for angmoh standards anyway. The croutons were a really nice touch – it was fun to munch on them dipped in the spicy broth. I was extremely blown away by the prawns though. They were incredibly fresh and juicy – better than some seafood restaurants even. Really impressive and I super loved this dish!


Iberico pork and truffle paccheri ($15) This was an impromptu order because we were experiencing serious envy over our neighbouring table’s food. If you love cream based pastas, this is an absolute must order! The candied seaweed was kinda interesting too.20140224-193556.jpg

I HIGHLY recommend this place for groups of friends. Not only is it incredibly chic, it has substance to boot. The food far surpassed expectations, and all at very reasonable prices.

Do note that the crowd is largely the after work folk, so when I visited in my plain tshirt n jeans and a backpack, I did feel slightly out of place.

I don’t mind coming back again!

  • 20 Cross Street China Square Central #01-19
  • Singapore, Singapore 048422
  • +65 6221 3937
11:30 am – 12:00 am

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