Pidgin @ Dempsey Hill

I’ve been wanting to try out Pidgin for a while now but it has been quite hard finding people to go with. Apparently Pidgin’s menu looks “gross” to my friends. I don’t blame them, it’s hard to sit on the fence over stuff like bak gwa mac and cheese, razor clam tau suan, lobster wanton mee… You either love it or hate it! I admit I’m a sucker for gimmicks, so I didn’t give up on my search for a pidgin dining companion.

I finally found myself there last night (not without some heavy persuasion from me first!). Even when we were outside the restaurant my companion was like, “should we just go to long beach instead?” The prices here aren’t exactly cheap for small tapas size portions and as mentioned, questionable food. So many deterring factors for one meal.

How exciting. Can’t wait to see how the food really fares.


We started with sambal escargots, served with toast on the side. The escargots were especially fat for some reason. And this dish was really tasty! We’re so used to having snails with butter and herbs that this sambal version took me by surprise when it touched my tongue. Interesting dish that succeeded in the tricky world of fusion cuisine. This was actually an off-the-menu chef special. But it surely deserves a permanent spot on the menu.


Chicken rice arancini – which is chicken rice balls deep fried, with a cheese filling. It was served with garlic chili. This was too bready and tasteless. The cheese filling was also tasteless. It was overall just passable if I dip it in the accompanying chili but this dish was rather pointless. Don’t order. My dining companion suggested they put some real chicken/ chicken floss as filling. But it’s hard to save it still.



Bak gwa mac and cheese. One of their signature dishes. This was good, but get it as a side to share among friends because it does get very rich after a while. The sweetness of the bak gwa goes very well with the savory cheese!


Beef short ribs bourgninon. Meat was tender, but the dressing was very thick and too rich. Kind of made us after a while. We think they should halve the portion and halve the price.


After the string of funky dishes, I had to stop myself from ordering the desserts. They might look good on paper, but I didn’t want to risk getting another disappointment.

When the manager was clearing our plates, he said to us, “well done! You guys finished your food! You liked it!” As if no one ever finished their food there. I wont be surprised.

Even though there are a lot of other dishes on the menu, I will not be returning to try them. I’ve had enough to know what to expect.

We spent $81 for 2 people.

#01-04, 7 Dempsey Road

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