Jekyll and Hyde

Aptly named because of its split personality; both a cocktail bar and a nail parlour. That’s as bipolar as it gets.


I would not have paid the nondescript entrance a second glance if I wasn’t actually looking out for it. Looks like a restaurant that’s closed for the day or still under construction.

Upon walking in it was dark, but very very crowded. Without a doubt, Jekyll & Hyde is the newest and hottest bar in town right now. We spotted Ann Kok and celebrity stylist Marty Wong among the other patrons.

Their incompetence in handling crowds is going to be their downfall. When we entered we were not greeted by anybody, shown to a table or told to wait.

So we walked around the room trying to get the attention of someone, anyone. Everyone was really busy. But anyway when we finally did we were told to sit at the bar near the wall. However there were not enough stools so half of us had to stand while the other half sit.

I saw empty tables left vacant because there were no chairs. It’s kind of retarded. What a waste.

And another thing. Can you read this menu. Besides it being too dark, the menu is  impossible to read because they used this burnt out font. We gave up halfway and ordered everything off-the-menu because they do custom drinks too.


The drinks took forever to come….

Saw quite a lot of people order something that looked oriental. Asked what it was. It’s an off-the-menu item. Beancurd, Kaya, Sago, Gin. Tasted like nothing alcoholic. Tau Hway! For something that almost everybody ordered, you’d think it’s their signature drink, but I was left disappointed. That said I would recommend you try it for yourself tho 1) cuz it’s so instagram worthy 2) it has a seriously unique flavour just lacking in alcohol.


Off the menu too – My friend wanted something with green tea. There’s a bit of whiskey in here too. Ha Ha.20131218-104850.jpg

So I asked for a whiskey based drink with kaya. They gave me a pocky stick too. This is a really good dessert if you’re having after dinner drinks.




2 thoughts on “Jekyll and Hyde

  1. hello ziwei,

    thank you for your write-up on jekyll & hyde.

    i am shawn, one of the partners, and i totally acknowledge the problems you pointed out, namely crowd handling, poor reception, not enough seating, illegible menu and slow drinks, amongst others.

    on december 18th when you visited, it would have been our second month in operation. now, and more so then, we are still in soft launch, which is the reason why we’ve not publicly announced that we’re officially open. we recognize that there are still issues to be resolved, staff to hire and train, processes to be tested etc.

    i apologize that your experience was a bad one, but at the same time seek your understanding that being our second month in operation, such issues are inevitable. in all fairness, if you gave us a review like this after we’re officially opened, i would be ashamed to say i run this establishment.

    it’s not my place to tell you what to write, but i do urge armchair writers to spare a thought for new businesses and perhaps take a step back to see what the real issues really are. a review like this when a business is new does no one any help, be it the consumer who may be wrongly informed, or the business who might have had a fighting chance, given the chance.

    thank you once again for coming, and we hope to change your impression of jekyll & hyde the next time you stop by. although, i don’t suppose you’ll be back. let me know if you do, and we’ll make a convert of you yet.

    have a lovely lunar new year ahead!


    • Hi Shawn, i do agree that my words were a bit harsh. I tend not to mince my words when I write, but I also give praise where praise is due. I sincerely want to congratulate you on Jekyll & Hyde, it’s received many rave reviews in the press and almost all my friends have frequented it. Perhaps that’s why my expectations were very high, and everything seemed to fall short during my visit. To be honest, it really wasn’t my best experience at a bar. The long waits and poor service really soured our night. However your message has made me re-evaluate my writing style. After all this blog is public, and I would really hate for nice people like yourself to miss out on any opportunities to improve and show others what Jekyll & Hyde can be. Thanks for your message, and I will surely let you know when I revisit Jekyll & Hyde. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing writing more objectively 🙂

      Happy cny to you too!

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