Brasserie Gavroche @ 66 Tras Street

Quintessential French restaurant. Classic and elegant without trying too hard.

Started off with cheese balls. A nice savoury start to our meal to warm up! Tasted like those Japanese mochi bread but they really upped the flavour of the cheese. So good.20131211-235334.jpg

Bread basket.20131211-235358.jpg

Salmon tartare with fresh horseradish and lemon. ($28) Okay, glorified sashimi salad. But they still owned it. A good starter.20131211-235439.jpg

Salted Mediterranean cod. ($34) The cod was good and all that (cod is always good), but I really liked the dressing of the potatoes and peppers. What a kick to the dish. Love it. It’s such a simple dish but the flavours were balanced so well. Very good.20131211-235502.jpg

Rabbit saddle, mustard, potatoes. ($38) First time at rabbit meat. Unremarkable. Just normal, bland white meat. Potato puree was good though. Novelty dish.20131211-235538.jpg

Shredded duck confit with crushed potatoes gratinated. ($33) Well isn’t this the just star of the show. I think I didn’t read the menu properly so I expected a normal duck confit … But they served this baked gratin and I was just like what’s going on… Inside was the shredded duck confit. So good~ Will recommend.20131211-235829.jpg

At the end of the meal they gave out madeleines, that were soft and crumbly. I found them okay but bread after a meal is a bit much. If they wanna give out smth free after a meal maybe a chocolate?

Anyway should note that their last order is at 10pm. Which probably isn’t a problem except we went at 10pm haha and they almost couldn’t take us.

It is a lovely place, run by the nicest French people who also own a French wine bar across the street.

I might return to try the lobster pastry puff, the foie gras, and pate.

66 Tras Street
+65 6225 8266

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