The Naked Finn @ Gillman Barracks

I found a new fav place to eat at in town! Dropped by The Naked Finn for supper one evening. Wanted to snack on something because dinner prior was not filling enough.

It’s not stated on the menu online, but it’s $168 for a 2-person set menu, and $358 for a 4-person set. Sounds pricey, but it is seafood after all. I was at Melben a few days before and we paid $90 for 2 people, with far less food. And wasn’t someone charged $300 for tiger prawns at Newton hawker centre before? The price you pay at Naked Finn you get a whole slew of different shellfish in much more elegant cooking styles 🙂

When we walked in the guy told us, “No reservations? We are fully booked. You need to book with us 2-3 weeks in advance!” It was very crowded indeed but lucky for us, one group cancelled just then and we got a table! But I noticed that if you walk in past 10pm you probably could get a table. It closes at 2am anyway, and I highly recommend this place for supper.

We noticed that half the crowd shared the same optician. Thick round black specs. Read: hipster habitat. I mean, it was Gillman Barracks. That said, it’s a very small and quiet place, about 7 tables. And the crowd was young but definitely discerning.

So here you are seated and given a menu, and you place your orders at the counter + help yourself to the ice water. I think this really helps in the short-staffed problem and more places should adopt this. I can imagine being really frustrated if I had to keep flailing my arms to catch a waiter’s attention all night. This system ensured smoother service. That said, the waiters are still very helpful and friendly, and are always ready to guide you through the menu if you need.

Grilled Baby Indian Squids (Single serving, $8) – This came first, and we saw it as an indicator for the rest of the menu. It’s lightly salted and mostly focuses on the natural flavour of the super fresh squid. No fancy dressing or curries/whatever, just simple and natural flavour.


Flambe giant tiger prawns (12 pieces, $35). Same with the squid, these were really fresh prawns that were simply seasoned. So yummy. It’s definitely quite filling. I stopped at 4.


Cocktails! So they also specialize in cocktails here. Presentation is simple. But they do have very interesting concoctions – and I love that they use real fruit.

Ordered the following:

  • Rockmelon + orange + Yaegaki nigori sake + Hendrick’s gin
  • Orange + pink guava + Cointreau + Kronenbourg BLANC 1664

Both were ice blended and very refreshing.


I can’t stop swooning over this place. New fav place in town! Can’t wait to go back again! The concept is really simple but you know you’re getting the best quality and best food.

Gillman Barracks, 41 Malan Road

Jekyll and Hyde

Aptly named because of its split personality; both a cocktail bar and a nail parlour. That’s as bipolar as it gets.


I would not have paid the nondescript entrance a second glance if I wasn’t actually looking out for it. Looks like a restaurant that’s closed for the day or still under construction.

Upon walking in it was dark, but very very crowded. Without a doubt, Jekyll & Hyde is the newest and hottest bar in town right now. We spotted Ann Kok and celebrity stylist Marty Wong among the other patrons.

Their incompetence in handling crowds is going to be their downfall. When we entered we were not greeted by anybody, shown to a table or told to wait.

So we walked around the room trying to get the attention of someone, anyone. Everyone was really busy. But anyway when we finally did we were told to sit at the bar near the wall. However there were not enough stools so half of us had to stand while the other half sit.

I saw empty tables left vacant because there were no chairs. It’s kind of retarded. What a waste.

And another thing. Can you read this menu. Besides it being too dark, the menu is  impossible to read because they used this burnt out font. We gave up halfway and ordered everything off-the-menu because they do custom drinks too.


The drinks took forever to come….

Saw quite a lot of people order something that looked oriental. Asked what it was. It’s an off-the-menu item. Beancurd, Kaya, Sago, Gin. Tasted like nothing alcoholic. Tau Hway! For something that almost everybody ordered, you’d think it’s their signature drink, but I was left disappointed. That said I would recommend you try it for yourself tho 1) cuz it’s so instagram worthy 2) it has a seriously unique flavour just lacking in alcohol.


Off the menu too – My friend wanted something with green tea. There’s a bit of whiskey in here too. Ha Ha.20131218-104850.jpg

So I asked for a whiskey based drink with kaya. They gave me a pocky stick too. This is a really good dessert if you’re having after dinner drinks.




Brasserie Gavroche @ 66 Tras Street

Quintessential French restaurant. Classic and elegant without trying too hard.

Started off with cheese balls. A nice savoury start to our meal to warm up! Tasted like those Japanese mochi bread but they really upped the flavour of the cheese. So good.20131211-235334.jpg

Bread basket.20131211-235358.jpg

Salmon tartare with fresh horseradish and lemon. ($28) Okay, glorified sashimi salad. But they still owned it. A good starter.20131211-235439.jpg

Salted Mediterranean cod. ($34) The cod was good and all that (cod is always good), but I really liked the dressing of the potatoes and peppers. What a kick to the dish. Love it. It’s such a simple dish but the flavours were balanced so well. Very good.20131211-235502.jpg

Rabbit saddle, mustard, potatoes. ($38) First time at rabbit meat. Unremarkable. Just normal, bland white meat. Potato puree was good though. Novelty dish.20131211-235538.jpg

Shredded duck confit with crushed potatoes gratinated. ($33) Well isn’t this the just star of the show. I think I didn’t read the menu properly so I expected a normal duck confit … But they served this baked gratin and I was just like what’s going on… Inside was the shredded duck confit. So good~ Will recommend.20131211-235829.jpg

At the end of the meal they gave out madeleines, that were soft and crumbly. I found them okay but bread after a meal is a bit much. If they wanna give out smth free after a meal maybe a chocolate?

Anyway should note that their last order is at 10pm. Which probably isn’t a problem except we went at 10pm haha and they almost couldn’t take us.

It is a lovely place, run by the nicest French people who also own a French wine bar across the street.

I might return to try the lobster pastry puff, the foie gras, and pate.

66 Tras Street
+65 6225 8266

Nassim Hill Bakery

Cheers! Their draft beer.


Beer with brunch. Was the only person having beer at 11am besides this loner angmoh with his ipad. Everyone else was busy parking their prams and feeding their babies.


Unremarkable caesar salad. I could make this myself. ($20)20131128-174226.jpg

Surprisingly amazeballs steak n eggs! So juicy I didn’t need any dressing at all. (Can’t remember, $25?)20131128-174241.jpg

Happy camper20131128-174313.jpg

Very casual, unpretentious place suitable for families and the young.