Nara Thai @ ION

There’s been quite a bit of fanfare surrounding the arrival of Nara Thai on Singapore shores. In spite of this, I never made specific plans to check it out. It was by pure accident and chance I ended up here. I didn’t even know it was located in ION! Nevertheless I was thrilled when I chanced upon this while searching for dinner options at ION. This was perfect and I do love Thai food.


Without reservations, the wait was 30 mins for two. You can leave your number with the front desk and they’ll ring you when there’s a table.

Even though Nara Thai is a casual diner, that is no excuse for sloppy service. I can’t imagine a ‘top restaurant in Bangkok’ (which is what they are labelling themselves) being so disorderly.


1) They called to inform us our table was ready. When we reached, they asked us to hold on, then forgot about us! When we gently reminded him, he thought we were new customers. -.-

2) Once we were seated we were just left on our own. I had to ask for menus and they only gave us one. When I asked for another, that took about 5 minutes. I’m very impatient one, cannot accept this.

3) Service was very very slow. It took about 15-20 minutes for our dishes to start arriving.

4) After finishing all the dishes on our table we were still waiting on one more. The waiters kept asking us to wait “5 more minutes”. Unfortunately the cows came home and our dish never arrived.

I had wanted to wait because I felt that we were still kind of hungry. But this waiter came up to us and said “I THINK YOU JUST CANCEL THE DISH LA!” We were shocked that he would suggest we cancel. Without even a HINT of an apology. Shouldn’t they strive to serve all their customers? I felt like he wanted to chase us off and seat other customers.

5) We quickly got the bill, and when it came, the folder for the receipt came encrusted with white rice. Fucking dirty and disgusting. We left the money in the folder and walked out.

Now, let’s talk food:

Soft shell crab in curry was good but was not served hot.20130922-102543.jpg

Squid in salted egg was also quite good but not served hot as well.20130922-102606.jpg


Both dishes felt very zi char but a bit more polished. Was excited for “eggplant with minced pork, black bean and basil” to come but sadly didn’t get to try it.

Might come back after they improve their ops, to try the more traditional Thai dishes like tom yam and pad thai.

#B3-21, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn

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