Keong Saik Snacks

The other day somebody had a burger craving. We decided to drop by Keong Saik Snacks since I remembered they had a burger on their menu. After getting through traffic and ERP and dealing with the parking problem (super limited parallel parking lots especially at dinner time), we realized they changed the menu. No more burgers! That’s bad luck right there.

Even though Keong Saik Snacks has been around for a year or so, I never had the chance to visit  because it was always swamped with yupsters. To walk in for dinner and get a seat was impossible at this 30-seat diner. They don’t take reservations either.

It’s a lot quieter now, less than half the restaurant was occupied during our visit. So we took our seats and a look at the menu – quite limited in choices, nothing really jumped at me.



I decided to go for the Seared Scallop & Crispy Pig Cheek ($28). Please see below for picture. It was as insubstantial in my stomach as it was on the plate. They weren’t kidding when they said Keong Saik SNACKS. This is at best a starter, not a main. It is a huge booboo to list it as a main and very deceiving.

At the very least keep the pig cheek in one slab rather than chop it up into bite-size pieces. So that it looks more decent.

And $28? This cafe seriously needs to revise its prices. It’s simply unreasonable for mainstream folks like myself to be paying so much at a small cafe. Hipsters/yupsters would but my kind is a different story.


Below is the Grilled Lamb Chop & Shepherd’s Pie ($30). We chose to have the t-bone and it was cooked well. The shepherd’s pie felt like it was prepared halfway. They just slapped on some potato over some beef. The portion I would say is enough for a small eater. But guys would need a lot more than this. And of course, $30 is pushing the limit.


That’s me!


I will not return to KSS again, because I could be going to a fancier place with that amount of money. However, they do have innovative food in a small, cosy setting, if that is your thing. Good for (up to 4) girlfriends who have not seen each other in months – or a casual dinner for two.

And the biggest plus point of dining here is you get to The Library bar afterwards which is just next door! Your waiter will provide you the password to enter upon paying the bill.

49 Keong Saik Rd 089153
6223 0660

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