Mikuni @ Fairmont Hotel

Came here on a friend’s recommendation. And a craving for sea urchin.

Chips to start off. Tasted like those dried prawn roll snacks at Chinese New Year! Or like hei bee hiam? In any case we wanted more. Yum!IMG_4434

My starter was a slow cooked onsen tamago egg with truffle sukiyaki foam, sea grapes and water shield. (5-course set) I’ve never had a tastier egg, thanks to the sukiyaki flavours. The sea grapes added texture to the silky egg. Love it!IMG_4435

Hokkaido sea urchin topped with homemade tofu and black truffle soya. (Tasting menu) A very light fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth dish. Super fresh uni is the star obviously. I only wish it came in a bigger portion.IMG_4437

“Ayu” sweet fish potage, green drop. (Tasting menu) A very thick soup that is obviously fishy.IMG_4439

Sashimi from my (5-course) dinner set.IMG_4440

Katsuo tataki with ginger flower, garlic chips, with sesame ponzu (Tasting menu). I don’t get why they would serve so many of a single same item to one person… Even for sharing between two it got boring after a while.IMG_4442

Kyushu abalone with sea urchin cream, eringi mushroom, celery and baby crab. (Tasting menu) So much abalone drenched in sea urchin cream! I usually like my uni in its raw unprocessed form, so the cream wasn’t really my thing. But if you don’t mind, it was very rich and creamy and the uni taste was strong. IMG_4445

Kagoshima Wagyu beef, eel teriyaki, kyusu sea snail, baby crab. (5-course)IMG_4450

Hokkaido kinki fish (Tasting menu)IMG_4451

Tenshi prawn “tatsuta age”. At first I thought, tempura seriously? It’s deep fry. Anyone can do this. But the difference here lies in the prawns they use. (Tasting menu)IMG_4455

Tepanyaki style miyazaki wagyu beef. (Tasting menu) they’ll ask you for your preferred doneness for this dish. IMG_4457

Hokkaido sweet corn Takikomi rice (tasting menu). This is really just fried rice. I just stand the accompanying soup. IMG_4458

Deep fried sakura shrimp rice, accompanied by kyushu aosonori miso soup. Great beer food I would imagine… (5-couse set)IMG_4462

Passion fruit creme brulee. (5-course set)IMG_4464

Yamanashi peach with mint leaf. Basically this is a peach cut up and served. No prep skill or recipe. But it was a good peach. Probably those expensive ones from Isetan. (Tasting menu)IMG_4466

Tasting Menu ($220), 5-course set menu ($138).

Since it was my first visit to Mikuni, the set menus gave me a general impression of the food. Next time though, I will just order a-la-carte because I prefer the starters and small dishes. Will get more of those instead of the meats and rice.

The crowd mainly consisted of couples on dates, tourists (it is a hotel after all), and families celebrating birthdays. There was a business meeting going on somewhere. And some baller teenagers sitting at the sushi bar ordering sushi.

Level 3, Fairmont Singapore, 80 Bras Basah Road

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