Infinite Bar List: Morton’s Bar

I don’t know a single person who doesn’t get excited at the mention of Morton’s martini hour. I can’t decide which is the bigger highlight here, the drinks or the free steak sandwiches. Whether you’re a foodie or junkie there’s something here for everyone.


Since this magical period is only a short two hours between 5pm and 7pm, much planning was needed to coordinate busy schedules and make time for a visit. We dropped by on a Thursday at 6pm, it was crowded but still with seats available. We settled down on two armchairs and observed the people around us, largely comprising the after-work crowd. Tables were close together, so we overheard them discussing work, their daily commute, travels, etc.

There are 6 mortinis on offer at $12.95 – yes, they call them mortinis. Choose from the classic gin martini, vodka martini, appletini, lycheetini, cosmopolitan and chocolate martini. Only the lycheetini appealed to me, so I had two or three of those. Lychee martinis don’t take a rocket scientist to make. You can’t make a BAD lychee martini imo, so I have no complaints about the drink. Plus it was decently strong.


It was like angels descended on us when the waitresses walked out with platters of steak sandwiches piled so high they built a mountain. They moved from one table to the next, and you pick out a sandwich with your napkin. The sandwiches seemed small at first; you could finish one in 3 bites! Then you’ll be left hanging with hunger and longing because it takes another 20 minutes for the next batch to surface. You think you’ve never been hungrier for steak in your life. Meanwhile, the waitresses ask if you want more drinks. “Why not” is always the answer. We were waiting for the sandwiches anyway.


By the third round we were full. Especially since we took 2 sandwiches on our last round. We walked out satisfied and it was clear that the biggest draw is definitely the steak sandwich. The bun was rather normal – I wouldn’t be surprised if they just pulled it off a Gardenia rack. But the beef was outstanding; textured and a slight bloodiness and you know you got a great bargain.

Drinks-wise, they worked in getting us tipsy, we had to hold off a while before we could drive. But I’m unimpressed because there are better cocktails at better prices elsewhere. No biggie though, the sandwiches more than made up for this.

4F, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue

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