Infinite Bar List: The Spiffy Dapper

Take a walk down boat quay and you’ll find plenty of seafood restaurants (along with their touters) lined up in a row, waiting for tourists to fall into their trap. But those in the know will know that some hipster joints have set up shop here… if you look carefully.


One of them is The Spiffy Dapper, a hole in the wall bar located on the second floor of a shophouse, above an Indian restaurant. With a name like that, it’s clearly catered to some dapper dudes, one would think. Sure enough, when we entered, there was a party of five guys enjoying their tipple. I think it’s a great idea to build a bar focused on the men. Give them a less girly space to hang out with their bros over some less girly drinks.

The place is small and dim. Dark wood furniture is basic and dare I say kinda old? Even the stairway leading up looked quite rundown. From a lady’s point of view this is a thumbs down for the bar. I’m not a fan of what they did with the space. Especially when I’m used to fancy decor in cocktail bars. But I’m quite sure spiffy dappers wouldn’t mind this.


I went for a “hard boiled torpedo”, which is basically a changed up old fashioned. Bourbon blended with The Spiffy Dapper whisky sour mash. If brown is your liquor colour of choice this is great. I ordered a second round of this.


My friend wasn’t a fan of it though. She got a bespoke vodka cocktail from the bartender, which was good. Can’t remember what was in it exactly but I think it’s flowery. So yeah if nothing on the menu suits your tastes then ask for something special!


She also got a Bellini type cocktail (on the menu). I can’t remember what it’s called exactly but it clearly says on the menu it is Bellini like, so shouldn’t be hard to spot. If youre looking for something easy to drink, this is it.


All the drinks on the menu are priced at $20 nett which is great because its easy to keep track. And a nice round number to pay at the end. Very friendly and personalized service because its such a small space. Everyone seems to know each other.

I see this as a great alternative watering hole to your usual neighborhood Harry’s. Serving better quality drinks at a reasonable price. I say this because its very unfussy and no frills.

OR if you’re a group of friends looking to do a theme night then yeah this will add character to your night.

I will go back if I’m in the area for dinner.

Level 2, 61 boat quay.


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