Club Kyo

Singapore has been picking up on the trend where a dinner spot makes the transition into a club as it gets later into the night. So that diners don’t have to change venues if they’re looking to party after dinner. Drinks are kept flowing during dinner to keep energy high, as music gets louder through the night. It’s a great concept, my main gripe being that it gets expensive. Many such establishments are high-end, targeting the affluent.

We checked out one such establishment, Club Kyo, for this experience. It is located in the basement of one of the oldest, most nondescript buildings in Raffles Place – you’d never guess that kyo was there. For being labelled the newest ‘it’ club about town, Kyo was quiet when we visited on Wednesday night at 7.30pm. By quiet, I mean we were literally the only people in the house. None of the ‘party’ ambience one would expect at a resto-club. Disappointing.

The grub at Kyo is modern Japanese, tapas-style/portions for sharing. Some hits and misses, but the quality of ingredients and novelty in some dishes were remarkable.

Salmon and Tuna Tartare ($24) – Avocado-wasabi-tuna-salmon tartare coated with roasted sesame and topped with wasabi sprouts.


Kimchi-BBQ Pork Belly Slider ($16). Definitely order this.IMG_0041

Hokkaido scallop slices in spicy coconut and mango foam, topped with Julienne veggie salad. ($18) Kinda fishy.


Chipotle-Tuna Crispy Ball ($16). Not a fan of the rice ball.


Soy marinated salmon roll ($18) – soy marinated salmon asparagus, chives, shallots, tempura flakes and wasabi mayo. Average.


Prawn Ravioli in Sake Butter ($16). Probably my fav dish of the meal.


See below for the cocktail list. Shockingly I did not order anything from here. I was drawn to the butterscotch sidecar, because sidecars are my go-to classic cocktail and very few places do sidecars. But the price ($25) turned me off. I had a normal bourbon-coke instead. Otherwise the cocktails do look interesting and very Japanese-influenced.


Since we were the only table at Kyo, there were 10 waiters hovering around us at all times. A handful were European and could barely understand/ speak English through the thick accents. Major communication breakdown here, and so we found them proactive but very incompetent. The last straw for me was when one did not know how to operate my foolproof point-and-shoot digital camera. I almost steamed.

The music was also questionable, though it was arguably still very early. My friend commented that the DJ was transporting us around the world, with a spanish song one minute, an english pop song the next, and suddenly throw in an oriental tune. Hmm.

In the end, we left to party at another venue. So this dinner-to-party at a resto-club thing was an epic fail.

Some tips on kyo: They have a 25% promotion for selected food items from now until 31 July. Book your tables now! I would suggest dining on a Thursday, because there’s free flow vodka cranberry for ladies between 10pm-1am on that night. Try to have a late dinner, about 9pm – hopefully the place is a bit more happening by then.

133 cecil street, keck seng tower
#B1-02, singapore 069535 or call 6222 5001

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