Bollywood Veggies @ 100 New Tiew Rd

Ivy Singh, founder of Bollywood Veggies, is a firecracker. She’s loud and unapologetic. When we walked in to Poison Ivy Bistro she started talking to us like we were best friends, I actually believed that my mom and her knew each other. And in the middle of lunch she suddenly raised a glass to the entire bistro to make a toast, and offered whiskey to everyone, on the house. Apparently she carries a knife in her pocket at all times, so she’s really not someone to mess with. She’s no mafia’s wife, she is the mafia. Her husband is an accountant.

Everything at the bistro is cooked with NO MSG, low salt, and in the healthiest way.  It’s also very affordable; budget about $10 per head and still get change in return.

The veggies at Poison Ivy Bistro are homegrown organically, cooked and served. I think that if you were to visit, get all vegetable dishes, don’t bother with the meats like chicken/ fish. Because that’s not where their strength lies.


A MUST order is the moringa tempura, which are moringa tree leaves fried as tempura. It’s an addictive snack, like French fries or potato chips but a healthy version. Every table had at least one of this, and when I asked a waiter about it he described it as “DAMN GOOD”. Fact: it has even more calcium than 4 glasses of milk.


I ordered sweet potato leaves stir-fried with garlic and it’s so good. The warrior’s chicken curry is forgettable. And the other interesting dish I ordered was the otah omelette. I wish I ordered: Jackfruit lemak, banana curry. The water they serve is also collected and treated on the farm itself.

The fun part actually took place after the meal when we took a walk around the farm to see the different plants and growth. How do you make a farm interesting? Put up lots of funny witty signboards, and props that call for Kodak moments.


DSC_0198 DSC_0208

Even the toilets in the farm are eco toilets. And there’s a ‘sanctuary’ too where nudity is allowed. We believe that Ivy actually walks around naked in there.


Please note that the location of the farm is HIGHLY inaccessible and driving is strongly recommended. You can plan a whole day excursion during your visit to the Kranji area, as the goat’s farm and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve are located very close-by.



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