Music Monday (6 May 2013)

Everyone’s obsession with Daft Punk’s new song has sparked off a cover and remix frenzy. Here’s a cover by Daughter that is note worthy though I’d still rather spin the original, given a choice.

Daughter has really exploded recently. If you’re looking for someone similar to explore, I’d recommend a kiwi! The name is Lorde, and I’d like to call her Daughter with swag and new beats. She’s also less depressing than Daughter is. Lorde sings mostly about keeping it real, and positivity in general.

The Love Club is a really chill track that makes you bob your head and tap your feet and “join the love club, because everything will glow for you”. I actually heard it playing at the H&M at Somerset, and I think that the music director of H&M Somerset and I listen to the same music because everytime I go there I love every song played. And the songs are all really current also, which means that the guy is doing his work!

Bravado is about making it big on her own. It starts of slow and kicks in in the later part.

Royals is about how everyone’s so wealth obsessed while she is kind of poor. It’s totally not depressing though, it’s so down to earth and tongue in cheek. I loooove Lorde.

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