Infinite Bar List 4

The Green Door

We stumbled upon this new bar at Dempsey that took over the old Hacienda. It is backed by the Prive group, and I guess that’s where the money for their beautiful décor came from. They have the whole ‘secret garden’ concept going on, which is stunning especially with all the lights at night, but it can get quite warm in our climate to be sitting outdoors. As such, I wouldn’t dress up specially for The Green Door. I would only go again if I were having dinner two doors down. They acknowledge that too, as they call themselves the place to go to for “pre- or post-dinner dinner drinks”.20130521-085535.jpg


Great thing about this place is that there is no service charge or GST! Unheard of for a bar. Also, they use fresh fruit instead of puree for their drinks. My friend’s passion fruit drink had all the pulp in it, which was cool for a while but the passion fruit seeds got annoying soon after, and the three of us agreed that we were just drinking fruit juice and very little alcohol. We understand that they use a measured shot for all their drinks, but even when we requested, they were unwilling to add more alcohol to suit our preferences. Quite inflexible yes?

Therefore this place did not meet our standards.



The Green Door
13A Dempsey Road, Singapore, Singapore 249674
6476 2922

The Horse’s Mouth
[No photos were taken during this visit]

Walk down a secret flight of stairs from Uma Uma Ramen at Forum and you will find this high end Japanese bar. There are only 4 tables and a bar counter and it is spacious, quiet and private. Spotted a few people opening vintage Japanese whiskies, a good choice because even though they have a two page cocktail menu, those were disappointing. We ordered three very different drinks, yet they all came in the same tall glass with zero effort for presentation. They also used a lot of ice, which watered down the drinks very quickly. I made a special request for a whisky sour with a twist and the bartender was a bit dumbstruck for a while. This is unlike many other bartenders I’ve met at other places, who enthusiastically dish out ideas to spice things up. I would come here again to try the bar snacks, which I’ve heard are great, and include ramen!! But otherwise this isn’t really my scene, yet.

The Horse’s Mouth
583 Orchard Road, Singapore, Singapore 238884
6235 1088

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Pasarbella (PART TWO) @ The Grandstand

A second visit to Pasarbella was in order, so I could try all the food I didn’t the first time. Hehe. I’ll keep this short and sweet, and there aren’t many pictures because my camera ran out of battery.


James Butchery & Co. enlightening foodies. Order, eat and learn!20130525-110459.jpg

We started off with a pasta from 5ive & Spice ($8.90). This is their truffle cream and mushroom pasta. There were far less mushrooms in our dish than what was shown on the display… In that sense it was quite disappointing but it was definitely good, just a bit plain.20130525-105856.jpg

We spotted lots of people eating hot dogs, and wanted one for ourselves too! It took us a while to locate the vendor because we were looking for “Chew”, the most prominent word on the hot dog box everyone was carting around… Actually it’s from Huber’s.

And the queue was ass long! Waited about 20 minutes for my swiss veal hot dog ($7.90) with caramelized onions, mustard, parsley. I forgot to take a picture of my hot dog but here’s the box.20130525-110003.jpg

Of course no trip to Pasarbella is complete without some oysters ($16). I only had 1, GT ate the rest.20130525-110353.jpg

Tried Dutch Colony Coffee.20130525-110410.jpg

And ended off with Poppaganda in Dark Choc & Pale Ale ($6). Good stuff I’m quite impressed! It’s my first time having a Poppaganda, and even though popsicles are easy and cheap to make, they have really interesting flavs, and yes guilt free! But it melts really fast.20130525-110509.jpg

Spotted this at the balloon shop. Edible balloons would be nice actually!20130525-110441.jpg

Will I head back a third time? Pasarbella is quite small, it takes only 15 minutes to make a leisurely round about the premises. Unfortunately our stomachs have a capacity limit so a second visit was needed. But a 3rd visit is too much imo. I will only go again in 2 months time, when more stalls are open.

We also noticed that there is a severe lack of bins around. They do have cleaning service, but the very elusive type, quite useless. They should install more bins around so people can clean up after themselves.

There’s also a lack of seats, and GT and I were eating while standing half the time. We don’t really mind actually, because at Pasarbella you’re supposed to be on your feet, walking around. But more designated corners for eating would be nice, so we aren’t in people’s way when we stop to eat. Tables and chairs take up a lot of space and I think standing counters are able to serve more people and suit our needs fine too.

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Pasarbella @ The Grandstand

As promised! Made a trip down to Pasarbella over the weekend. I realize I’ve been coming to The Grandstand a lot lately! Their rebranding seems to have worked.

If you don’t know what Pasarbella is, it’s a food market! Like those you get overseas BUT with air conditioning thank god. So there’s fresh produce, gourmet foods, niche products and even craft items! Lots of things to see and buy. Was excited to see how this concept would translate in Singapore’s context.


(Super casual dress down outfit – H&M linen t-shirt and Paige Verdugo Skinny Jeans.)


Huge range of fresh seafood near the west entrance. You can get lobsters at 3 for $100, and half a dozen oysters at $16.


Huge Japanese Kampachi amber jack head!


The Australia coffin bay oysters were a bit salty and I much prefer the fanny bay ones.


The Great Beer Experiment


Magic Hat beer from the US. I bought the no. 9 pale ale for $6.50. You can also find The Great Beer Experiment at Beerfest Asia 2013, looking forward to it! They have the best beer inventory!


Beautiful wine cart.


Ideas for chilling wine


Oh got seafood paella too ($11.90). Definitely on the pricey side.


I love the look and feel of Pasarbella. It’s casual yet very gourmet. Lots of things to see and try. It’s definitely a fun place to be. Most importantly it is NOT too crowded, it’s a pretty comfortable flow of traffic in the venue. I’d say go go go!

[UPDATE] I headed back to Pasarbella, click here to read *Part 2* – my second visit.

Modern Asian Diner @ The Grandstand

Modern Asian Diner, aka M.A.D., is a very visually appealing casual restaurant at The Grandstand. Dick Lee, one of its founders, probably lent all his style chops during the designing process. He partnered up with Tung Lok, Bar stories, Top Wines and Bakerzin to set up MAD.


The concept of MAD is that you can order from their tapas menu, dimsum menu, bar bites menu, etc. It is a fusion of every cuisine. In a single restaurant you can get the best of five worlds, at least.

We started off with an iberico cabonara. The portion was tiny! The meat was good but the pasta was so bland and plain, they might as well just not use any sauce?


Sliced duck with mango – seems like a cheap canape at an event you were forced to attend.


Foie gras and wagyu claypot rice. It’s pretty obvious they stole the idea from Fat Cow, but called it claypot rice instead of donburi. The presentation could have been better, it was a sizzling hot mess when it arrived. The rice also seemed cheap and ‘anyhow’. But the wagyu beef and foie gras were not bad. At $28 it’s an acceptable alternative to the one at Fat Cow, but they should up the portion size.


Portobello Mushroom bruschetta which I did not touch at all because it looked disgusting – presentation please! My dining companions also cringed when they ate it so that didn’t help.


In the menu they displayed two lamb chops so when it came as a single, and at $30, this was very unworthy. At this point we were very discouraged by the food at MAD and barely touched this.


Black Angus Siew Mai. I’m way particular about my dim sum. And for MAD, having Tung Lok on board is not enough. The skin of this was so dry and it spoiled the dish for me.DSC_0250

I thought, you can’t go wrong with a freaking tiramisu can you? Couldn’t taste the kahlua, and the texture of the cake was also wrong. Maybe they were aware of their shortcomings and threw in a macaroon and ice cream for compensation.DSC_0255

Alas, their saving grace. Bar Stories stepped in to save the day with their MAD Whiskey Sour – an asian edition with chrysanthemum tea and goji berries which I enjoyed.DSC_0236

There is a retail store joined to the restaurant where you can find the cutest things you don’t need.


Stopped by Pasarbella to look around even though everything was closed. I’m definitely heading to check it out next weekend!DSC_0294

I hope that MAD was just having an off day, because their food was simply unappetizing the night that I visited (12 May 2013). Looking at online reviews and from friends’ recommendations, most people find it acceptable so it could be that I went at the wrong time. But I will not be back again.

I spent $50 per person.

200 Turf Club Road
#01-20/21 The Grandstand
Tel: 64663303

House @ Dempsey

So many new restaurants have been popping up that dear old House has faded from our minds. I haven’t thought about going back there, because we’ve been there enough times throughout secondary school and JC, tried every single dish on their menu and there isn’t anything new to look forward to.

Until they recently revamped their menu and added a whole lot of new dishes, while still retaining the classics. So my friends and I decided to take a trip down memory lane and descended those green steps to dine at House once again.

The menu has expanded quite significantly. Besides the famed truffle fries, there are now four new variations of fries including pumpkin hazelnut fries, truffle taro fries, curry mustard fries and carrot fennel fries. Absolutely fries-tastic.

We decided to share between us an Asparagus, Serrano Ham and Crumbed Egg ($22, appetizer). The egg was crumbed on the outside and oozing with golden liquid goodness on the inside. But we wished it was a bit warmer as it had gone cold when we dug in.


We had an Elegant Black Pepper Prawn Linguine ($32) which I found to be similar to chow mien or Chinese fried noodles. My friends also found the black pepper overwhelming and spicy. Plus points for the prawns though for being huge, fresh and delicious.


The Wagyu Rump & Chips ($34) – They didn’t serve the medium doneness we asked for, but we didn’t complain as we found we liked the medium rare fine. I found this unremarkable I think I only took 2 bites.


The stars of the night were probably the drinks. We ordered House’s signature cocktails, as there is a promotion where you get three for $35. Tiffin Punch (gin, grapefruit, lychee, etc) is a firm favourite. My friends liked the Mint Berry Gin Fizz and Madagascan Mojito but I find them too leafy and fruity for my liking.


I think that in the future I will be back to try all the fries and maybe enjoy a cocktail.

8D Dempsey Rd
+65 6475 7787

Bollywood Veggies @ 100 New Tiew Rd

Ivy Singh, founder of Bollywood Veggies, is a firecracker. She’s loud and unapologetic. When we walked in to Poison Ivy Bistro she started talking to us like we were best friends, I actually believed that my mom and her knew each other. And in the middle of lunch she suddenly raised a glass to the entire bistro to make a toast, and offered whiskey to everyone, on the house. Apparently she carries a knife in her pocket at all times, so she’s really not someone to mess with. She’s no mafia’s wife, she is the mafia. Her husband is an accountant.

Everything at the bistro is cooked with NO MSG, low salt, and in the healthiest way.  It’s also very affordable; budget about $10 per head and still get change in return.

The veggies at Poison Ivy Bistro are homegrown organically, cooked and served. I think that if you were to visit, get all vegetable dishes, don’t bother with the meats like chicken/ fish. Because that’s not where their strength lies.


A MUST order is the moringa tempura, which are moringa tree leaves fried as tempura. It’s an addictive snack, like French fries or potato chips but a healthy version. Every table had at least one of this, and when I asked a waiter about it he described it as “DAMN GOOD”. Fact: it has even more calcium than 4 glasses of milk.


I ordered sweet potato leaves stir-fried with garlic and it’s so good. The warrior’s chicken curry is forgettable. And the other interesting dish I ordered was the otah omelette. I wish I ordered: Jackfruit lemak, banana curry. The water they serve is also collected and treated on the farm itself.

The fun part actually took place after the meal when we took a walk around the farm to see the different plants and growth. How do you make a farm interesting? Put up lots of funny witty signboards, and props that call for Kodak moments.


DSC_0198 DSC_0208

Even the toilets in the farm are eco toilets. And there’s a ‘sanctuary’ too where nudity is allowed. We believe that Ivy actually walks around naked in there.


Please note that the location of the farm is HIGHLY inaccessible and driving is strongly recommended. You can plan a whole day excursion during your visit to the Kranji area, as the goat’s farm and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve are located very close-by.



Where Stephy met 屎伯 (Taiwan)

So recently during Qing Ming Festival, I visited Kinmen in Taiwan to pay respects to my ancestors and to see where my grandfather came from. That’s the proper way to put it, in honesty it was just a food and drink trip because there was not much else to do and the trip was way too long. Damn, had so much of their kaoliang liquor. It’s 58% of alcohol, no joke. Here’s the documentation in photography:-

P1070192P1070223 P1070236 P1070259 P1070163





P1070280 P1070276  P1070369

P1070340 P1070372 P1070455

If you’re wondering who 屎伯 is, he’s someone I met in Taiwan! 屎伯 means Uncle Shit. There’s shit on his head and hanging out from his ass.



Music Monday (6 May 2013)

Everyone’s obsession with Daft Punk’s new song has sparked off a cover and remix frenzy. Here’s a cover by Daughter that is note worthy though I’d still rather spin the original, given a choice.

Daughter has really exploded recently. If you’re looking for someone similar to explore, I’d recommend a kiwi! The name is Lorde, and I’d like to call her Daughter with swag and new beats. She’s also less depressing than Daughter is. Lorde sings mostly about keeping it real, and positivity in general.

The Love Club is a really chill track that makes you bob your head and tap your feet and “join the love club, because everything will glow for you”. I actually heard it playing at the H&M at Somerset, and I think that the music director of H&M Somerset and I listen to the same music because everytime I go there I love every song played. And the songs are all really current also, which means that the guy is doing his work!

Bravado is about making it big on her own. It starts of slow and kicks in in the later part.

Royals is about how everyone’s so wealth obsessed while she is kind of poor. It’s totally not depressing though, it’s so down to earth and tongue in cheek. I loooove Lorde.

Asian Delights

The reason why all my food posts are of Western food is not because I don’t eat Chinese. I have a meal at a Chinese restaurant at least once a week. But I don’t get to take photos and stuff because I usually dine with my grandma and it’s not very polite to use my phone so much. Fave Chinese restaurant is hands down Tung Lok Classics at Orchard Parade Hotel. But that’s not what today is about.

A Noodle Story @ Amoy Street Food Centre #01-39

An Asian delight that I’ve indulged in lately and would like to share is a Singapore style ramen created by two Shatec graduates who have worked in the likes of Andre, Waku Ghin, etc. They left their respective jobs to set up a hawker stall at Amoy Street selling this local version of the popular Japanese noodles.

The difference between the Singaporean and Japanese is that the noodles are different. The local ramen noodle is a thin yellow springy noodle reminiscent of those in wanton mee. The ingredients include the requisite egg cooked sous-vide, two pieces of meltingly tender cha shu pork, crispy potato wrapped prawn, and hong kong style wantons. All topped off with freshly sliced scallions. It is served dry, with soup at the side. Kind of like how you would eat your bak chor mee/ mee pok!

The best part is that it’s only $5 for top culinary skills and execution from the experienced chefs. So there’s no reason for you not to pay a visit.



Ipoh Lou Yau Beansprout Chicken @ various locations

Ipoh food been making quite a splash here over the past few months. So we decided to try the highest profile import of them all – Ipoh Lou Yau Beansprout Chicken. Was super excited for this, but maybe because it is a franchise, the quality and authenticity isn’t evident in the food at all. Noodles were too dry, chicken too tough. Beansprouts were extra juicy though, if you’re into them. We paid $10.90 for a weekday two-person set meal, inclusive of two bowls of horfun, and a plate of beansprout chicken. The next time I try Ipoh Lou Yau I will be in Ipoh. Never in Singapore again.


Club 21 e-shop

Since I’m currently interning at Club 21’s e-commerce department, I’d like to shine a light on our e-shop. We stock about 60 brands at our shop, of which my favourite are Markus Lupfer, Christopher Kane, Lanvin, Helmut Lang. And many more such as Isabel Marant, Elizabeth and James, Carven, Jil Sander and 3.1 Phillip Lim.

I’ve put together two different looks created with items you can find from the Club 21 e-shop. I’ve been veering towards more girly skirts and dresses these days, and it definitely shows in my collage below. My skinny jeans have been neglected.

eshop collage 290413

Top: CDG Play
Skirt: Christopher Kane
Sandals: Ancient Greek Sandals
Bag: Balenciaga

eshop collage 2

Top: Isabel Marant
Skirt: Balenciaga
Bag & Shoes: Lanvin

Do hit up our e-shop, all prices are inclusive of shipping, duties and taxes.