Fun fact 1: Poulet means the flesh of chicken, used for food – in French
Fun fact 2: Poulet, the restaurant, was opened by Thai Express!



The tagline for poulet is “amazing French roast chicken”. My group kind of scoffed at this audacious line at the start, but they really proved themselves to us! The meat is so soft, even the breast part. And the skin is sooo sweet and sumptuous. There is a dressing of a light cream sauce that complemented the chicken well and added to its sweetness. Apparently there’s now a cranberry sauce version, I’m quite sure I’ll be back to try!


The menu has other French food options too, like fish, beef, etc. I am not too sure about their standards but judging from the escargots (not enough garlic) and french onion soup (not enough cheese), not too good. I’ll be back solely for the chicken 😉

Btw, one whole chicken costs $28.90 and is good for 2-3 pax. Half a chicken costs $18.90.

Steph & Ging’s Infinite Bar List 2

And we are back with more bar reviews! After the resounding success of the original infinite bar list, we’ve decided to make this a mainstay on the blog. Hence the infinite bar list series is born! Where should your next date/ night out be? We’ve tested the waters (alcohols) and here is what we think:

Maison Ikkoku
20 Kandahar Street

Well isn’t this place ambitious. Not only is it an indie menswear retailer, but they are also a cafe (good for cakes n coffee). thats not even good enough for them, they have to be a bar too. there is a list of over 15 cocktails on their menu. Unfortunately the bartender/ mixologist only goes to work in the evening, so don’t expect any booze if you’re heading there before sunset. On one hand I find this a shame, but it also shows that they are serious about their cocktails. So what if you can read a recipe? You’re still not allowed to touch it.

My whiskey sour ish drink was served in a teacup. I thought that was cool. The drink was pink! That’s because they added some berries to update this age old classic. I think it is safe to say that they are pretty stingy with their alcohol. Or were they looking down on this group of giggly girls? Hey I’m not just a pretty face ok. So that kind of ruled out maison for me.

Another thing I didn’t like is that you have to order and make payment at the counter, like I’m at Starbucks or something. I don’t want to do this at a bar when I’m dressed up and shit. It’s not even cheap. $25 for cocktails at this place. I’m really not cool with this.

It’s good for coffee and catch up for girly groups. But not for drinks.





28 Hong Kong street

Went to 28 right after maison. Boy what an upgrade. Well I’m sure everyone knows by now that 28 is a ‘secret bar’ that’s hidden behind closed shutters of a shophouse. It doesn’t even have a name. And no photography is allowed. I know this sounds gimmicky, but once you step in, you are whisked back in time. The interior is all dark wood and mahogany, and marble table tops. How should I put it, vintage glam? Don Draper would definitely hang out here.

There is a super extensive list of serious cocktails. There’s none of the quirky indie hipster charm here. Just old world glam. I’m in love.

The drinks pack a mean punch too!! I felt slightly woozy after just one. That’s the mark of a good cocktail. They kill you, silently…

If you have not read the previous installment of the infinite bar list, check it out here.

London Tourist Food Guide

I don’t claim to be a London local, but during my two weeks there I ate some seriously good food thanks to the wonderful recommendations my good friends shared. Since my trip mainly revolved around eating anyway, I’ve decided to devote an entire post to food in London. Here goes nothing in alphabetical order.

Bella Italia – An affordable chain that can be found around every corner. It was one of the very few eateries open on Christmas Day, so we dined here. They have A LOT of food on their menu. I had a sour plum sauce pasta which tasted interestingly Asian. I think as a chain Bella Italia is seriously overlooked but it should definitely be a go-to for easy comfort food.

Borough Market – Come here for the best oysters, steak sandwiches, pot pies and all the mulled wines and mulled ciders you want. There is also an amazing chocolate crepe dressed with salted caramel. I had my doubts at first because there was no filling. But turned out to be the best crepe I’ve ever tasted in my life! Main attraction at Borough though, still the fresh oysters.




Burger & Lobster – Only one of the most talked about places to eat in London! The hype is every bit worth it! There is no menu here, just choose from a beef burger, lobster roll or a full lobster – all at £20. The portions are so generous (with salads, dressing and sides), and the meat is so fresh. It’s amazing stuff I don’t have to say more. Plus it’s just £20, my boyfriend wanted to eat here everyday.


Busaba – The best way to describe this is to call it the Thai Express of London. It is a successful chain of Thai food that looks really posh and chic (think dark wood interiors and dim lighting), but only costs around £10 per dish. I had the Red Lamb Curry and that was shiok!


Byron’s – A popular chain for quality burgers

Cay Tre – This modern chic Vietnamese place takes its pho seriously. No shit. Firstly, the bowls are huge ass. Secondly, the beef they use is amazing. Thirdly, they have a million different kinds of pho to choose from. I was so bloated already but I still couldn’t stop myself from slurping everything up. It’s that good!


Ed’s Easy Diner – This is a classic American diner that serves you burgers/ hot dogs with fries and a milk shake. It’s so fun to be in because they literally uprooted Mel’s Diner from San Francisco and planted it in the middle of Soho. The decor is so traditionally American but so fun in the London context. What with the jukebox playing oldies and the countertops with red cushioned stools. Anyway, everything here is good but the MILKSHAKES. The milkshakes. I ordered banana and peanut butter and I finished like one liter of it all by myself I swear. So worth it. No regrets.


Four Seasons Duck – Some people claim the duck here is even better than that in Beijing. I disagree… I’m pretty sure you can find similar duck in Singapore too. The thing about four seasons duck is they cut it real thick. So instead of the usual miserably thin duck slices you get, this is a lot fatter and therefore more goodness in your mouth.

Hummingbird Bakery – This and Magnolia Bakery are way up there in terms of their icing omg… So icy at first but melts in your mouth immediately.


Koya – Long queues and expensive udon of small portions. Maybe London is just short of udon places. Lol. Or I ordered a less delicious dish – dry plan udon with dipping sauce. But I wanted to taste it in its unadorned state, you know?


Meat Liquor – Well, I came and left without trying their burgers. I’ve had enough burgers on this trip honestly. But I did realize something here, and that is that the Bingo Buffalo Wings served with blue cheese dipping is to die for! I cleaned up all ten by myself. No sharing or caring required. They have a bunch of cool ciders here like the No Brainer cider, like duh, just get it man. And this one called Sweet Cheeks. It gives you the natural blush 😉


Princi – The best strawberry shortcake ever??? Not too much cream or sponge, just good ole strawberries. Yummy brunches! People even queue to have their breakfast for DINNER.


Smith’s @ Smithfields – If you’re ever going to go to Fabric (the nightclub), pop by Smith’s for dinner beforehand. It’s just next door! This establishment consists of four different floors, each serving a different fare of food. Tip: It gets better (and more expensive) as you reach the top. It’s a cool concept, but my food from the 3rd floor was nothing to shout about and the menu is unappealing overall. Sorry this shouldn’t even be on the list, but I still like the concept.

Sofra – I stumbled upon this Turkish gem when I was attracted to the beautiful lights along Christopher Place, a tiny lane off Oxford Street (Selfridges side). It was packed the first time I went. The £12 set meal including a hummus starter, main course and wine proved to be very popular among locals. So we went back a second time and it didn’t disappoint. The meat off my lamb tagine was falling off the bone because it was so soft.



Spuntino – This very indie and hipster joint in the ever chic Soho area, is a really interesting place to check out. I had truffled eggs on toast, yummy! And a pulled pork purger which is basically cha shu. That was just alright but I still enjoyed my experience here because this place radiates cool all around.



The Breakfast Club – Dropped by twice but the queues were always at least an hour long. Sigh!!!

Vapiano’s – Italian food with a Marche concept. You get a card upon entering and tap your card at whatever station/booth you’re purchasing from, and check out at the end of your meal. The food here is really fresh and well prepared. It’s casual and a great place to pop by for a meal.


Thank you for reading!