Tristan Prettyman – I Was Gonna Marry You

So Tristan Prettyman is one of my favourite singers. I discovered her in 2007 when I attended an intimate acoustic gig she held at the Esplanade recital studios during the mosaic festival.

This new song is about how she was blind sided when Jason Mraz broke off their engagement unexpectedly. What’s worse is they were doing so well and he couldn’t give a legit reason for his sudden change of heart.

I watched a video of her singing this live, I don’t know how she did it but she managed to gracefully finish the whole song without her nose stuffing up and her voice breaking up, though she did shed some tears.

I can’t see why Mr A-Z would give her up, they were so musically in tune and their chemistry really showed in their collaborations. But anyway I think he’s on some road to try to attain nirvana now or something with his hippie beard and long hair and needs time alone to do yoga and om namaste.

Whatever it is I still think the position he put TP in is unreasonable and unfair and he was being so selfish and I’m speaking from experience. Sorry.

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