The Lover’s Dictionary

David Levithan – The Lover’s Dictionary

True, love is hard to pin down into words. “Ineffable”, the author describes love to be. But with The lover’s dictionary, he tried. This book is like every other oxford dictionary, but with the author’s own definitions of the words A-Z. At the end you piece together a story of a couple, from all the evidence he sprinkled throughout the definitions.

The plot is my only gripe, because it wasn’t developed enough as a story. He may have the whole dictionary concept going on, but ultimately this is still a piece of fiction. The techniques he uses should support the story, not the other way round.

Maybe it has to do with that I’m in a relationship now so everything hits closer to home. I read one review that warned other singletons not to pick up this bore of a book. I disagree, I think it’s filled with gripping life moments that are so real, anyone would be touched.

Keep a real dictionary close by so you can compare a lover’s definition of a particular word with the original definition. What you find will be the true beauty of this book.

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