Lana Del Rey

Just got lost in time watching Lana Del Rey videos, because you know, her videos have to average at 8 minutes each for some reason. Before I knew it, an hour had passed. Her latest music video, Ride, clocked 10:09. At 3+minutes she was still narrating shit about her ‘life’ interspersed with some totally fake sniffing. My one hour spent confirmed that I’m not buying what she’s selling.

I do enjoy her music and videos. It’s a dark, alternative kind of brilliance. And she looks perfect all the time. But I’ve learnt to take LDR with a pinch of salt. She has an entourage the size of Lady Gaga’s following her everywhere, fussing over every out of place curl and chipped nail. And her 10-min music video budgets do seem to exceed Lady Gaga’s too. She’s no indie darling, she’s a big budget blockbuster packaged and served as indie.

She assumes a dangerously dark persona in her music, supposedly jaded by the men she’s met. How much of this is real/ fake – especially when she doesn’t even write most of her songs. If she really lives the way her lyrics make it seem, then I predict an Amy Winehouse-like future for her because she’s really fucked up. But she wants to live fast die young anyway.

There are moments when I love LDR though, when she’s sitting on a throne with two tigers by her side, or when she’s being fucked from behind but her expression remains icy while she takes another drag from her cigarette. Even the monologue in ‘Ride’ that I was complaining about. These are moments of badass gold.

“I am fucking crazy, but I am free”