Cougar Town vs Scrubs

Cougar Town is the kind of show that you write off as ditzy. I mean, it’s just Courtney Cox running around in her middle-aged skinny ass making animated faces and very cheesy jokes. However parallels can easily be drawn to Scrubs. I’m just ranting off the top of my head here so forgive me for not doing any research but these two shows do run very similarly. Same cable network, same kind of humour, and yeah, same kind of humour. But Scrubs can go and win like a million emmy awards while Cougar Town is seen as trashy. And based on what, that Scrubs is set in a hospital and Cougar Town is set in a suburban town in Florida? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Scrubs all the way up to its finale. But is it possible that Cougar Town is being overlooked just because it is helmed by a skinny woman and therefore cannot be taken seriously? Cougar Town is currently in its third season and I still love it because on the surface it may seem like a big joke but every episode never fails to end off with a heartwarming message and a very realistic picture painted of old friends and neighbors.

Anyway, here’s one of the most surprising endings to a Cougar Town episode because guess what, the entire Scrubs cast made a cameo! You might not get it if you don’t watch Scrubs but basically…. the entire Scrubs cast is now in the Cougar Town house. Made me really happy!