Creepy love story of the day

So disturbed. This family outing is almost the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Mary Kate was spotted out with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy (he’s half brothers with Nicholas Sarkozy) and his daughter. In the pictures below though, it is easy to mix up the girlfriend with the daughter. They’re the same size and height. Will Olivier squeeze the wrong butt by mistake? I shudder to imagine. I’d keep the pedophilia hotline on speed dial.

How is it okay to smoke in front of your boyfriend’s kid? She probably forgot for a moment because even the kid is taller than her.

Like a boss. The guy probably took the longest route from point A to point B so as to parade his two daughters in front of photographers.

Is this love? Hmm. At least mk is having fun, smoking a cigarette and not giving any fucks. Oh, wait.

One thought on “Creepy love story of the day

  1. You’re being stupid. First off, a butt squeeze is not necessarily sexual anyway. It depends on context. Secondly, if he did it accidentally, then, even if it was sexual, why would that be a reason for “the pedophilia hotline” if he did it ACCIDENTALLY? And finally, he can see the difference in their faces -they are both beautiful but VERY different- and you should be more worried about someone smoking a cigarette near a child.

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