Ringing in summer

Screw St Tropez. Summer is endless in Singapore. Suck on these Chinese nuts. Lalala.

“Too much money in the bank account”

Here is a summer resolution list, as suggested by the above music video:

  1. Swim in a pool of champagne
  2. Shower in champagne
  3. Drink the damn champagne HELL YEAH


Swag jeans

Straight-cut jeans are so underrated. In this heat and humidity you DON’T want to be wearing skinny jeans that stick to your skin. Straight-cut jeans give your legs just enough room to breathe, move, and basically look as badass as Rihanna. Rihanna has┬áreally nice pieces of clothing but usually screws them up at some point of dressing herself. This outfit below bowled me over though. I read some comments on it being sloppy, but I think it’s so cool. And I have been wearing a lot of such boyfriend jeans too, so it’s cool to see them work so well on a celeb.

I like mine with holes, rips, and cuffed at the hem. Nothing says swag quite like these jeans do.

Creepy love story of the day

So disturbed. This family outing is almost the creepiest thing I’ve ever seen. Mary Kate was spotted out with her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy (he’s half brothers with Nicholas Sarkozy) and his daughter. In the pictures below though, it is easy to mix up the girlfriend with the daughter. They’re the same size and height. Will Olivier squeeze the wrong butt by mistake? I shudder to imagine. I’d keep the pedophilia hotline on speed dial.

How is it okay to smoke in front of your boyfriend’s kid? She probably forgot for a moment because even the kid is taller than her.

Like a boss. The guy probably took the longest route from point A to point B so as to parade his two daughters in front of photographers.

Is this love? Hmm. At least mk is having fun, smoking a cigarette and not giving any fucks. Oh, wait.