Birthday Wishlist

Honestly, there is no need for presents. There is nothing I want/need and having people I love around me is more than I can ask for. But some friends have been insisting that I make a wishlist and I will make one but just so you know, I appreciate the gesture a lot and ALSO, I am the least picky person ever so don’t bother with brands or anything. ❤

1. A beer bottle opener. Open secret: Degenning is a favorite pastime of mine. A handy/cute beer bottle opener (keychain?) would be nice.

2. I love scarves! Preferably non-silk because they don’t keep me warm and I deem them impractical. Large and long ones are favored. These below are from Zara.


3) A t-shirt: Easiest thing to get and something I am guaranteed to use!

4) A book. But a short book is preferable – about the length of Perks of being a Wallflower. My attention span is terribly short. I’ve picked out a book below but it’ll be even better if there’s something you think I’ll like.

5) Quite impossible, but I fear my current ipod is dying. Need a new one soon. (Just putting it out there)

6) If all else fails, alcohol will not.

Tiger Crystal, Stella Artois, Kronenbourg Blanc, Erdinger.

Thank you!