A Toy Story

It’s true, I have no friends to hang out with so I’ve turned to toys for company.

Bringing these babies around the island wasn’t easy. I definitely needed a car. And a shopping cart if I’m lucky enough to find one. Otherwise a real life person to help out. But as mentioned, I turned to toys for a reason.

Picture above was taken at Tan Quee Lan Street. Where? It’s just adjacent to, and greatly overshadowed by, Liang Seah Street. If you are ever there, you must have the fish soup. One of the best in Singapore!

I will put up a few pictures of my adventures with these babies, because a friend has been asking to see them. But firstly let me thank the person who made it all happen, Amos Yeo was so kind to lend me his very expensive and treasured bearbricks. Had such absolute trust in me, and was so generous and understanding all the way. Thank you!

Brought the bearbricks out for a traditional local breakfast. Food probably turned cold as I was taking this.

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