The Iron Lady & Spring Awakening

It is a crime Meryl Streep hasn’t received all the Best Actress awards she deserves. If she doesn’t win again this year, it can be confirmed that the oscar panel is conspiring against her.

Outstanding performance in The Iron Lady. Caught the movie today and Meryl Streep was in every frame/scene from start to finish, perfectly portraying both the young and old Margaret Thatcher. Props to hair and make up too, for un-glamourizing and age-ing her so believably. The Iron Lady probably won’t win best film, but I’ll be damned if it doesn’t get recognized for the acting.

Because honestly, I’m rather disappointed by the movie. The movie barely skimmed the surface of Margaret Thatcher’s life. It was as good as saying nothing at all. I’d much rather explore in depth one significant event of her life than speed through her years for the sake of getting to the end. Now, there is no clear message of what the movie was trying to tell. Besides the obvious that is Margaret Thatcher was a strong woman bla bla bla.

Last year The History Channel aired a mini tv-series on the Kennedys titled, well, The Kennedys. It was 7 episode long and you might know it if you’re a Katie Holmes fan because she played the role of Jackie O. I believe there is basis for comparison because both The Iron Lady and The Kennedys were based on strong, historical political leaders. JFK unfortunately led a much shorter life than Margaret Thatcher, yet needed seven episodes to tell his story as opposed to two hours for The Iron Lady. It was a really bad choice to condense her entire life into two hours and only briefly touch on certain highlights of her life.

A few years ago there was a movie, Nowhere Boy. It was about John Lennon. It was a biographical movie, but I enjoyed it, because it focused on John Lennon’s youth, his life as a child growing up. This is a time people rarely pay attention to; because his marriage, his death, and his music with The Beatles are more ‘hot topic’. So the movie offered a really cool and surprising perspective.

Iron Lady was disappointing where this is concerned.

Oh yeah caught Spring Awakening too, the Singapore adaptation. On the third final day it was gonna show because I wasn’t even aware that it was showing. Thank goodness because I’ve had Mama Who Bore Me in my ipod ever since it came out on broadway. It was good for a small scale production. Except that ticket prices are expensive considering it is a, small scale production. The main girl REALLY really reminds me of Lea Michelle. They have the exact same voice and are so annoyingly dramatic. I am also concerned that there are no rating advisories for such shows. There were children in the audience. AND in the cast.

Free beer with every ticket, score.

Jean craving

Was shopping online for a birthday present and ended up looking at jeans again. Gotta share my faves….

Ever since I spotted Taylor Swift out in Goldsign I started paying a lot more attention to it and I looove the jeans they make. Taylor wears the normal Lure skinny jeans, but these below are the high rise skinny jeans (in zagir). I think it is so thoughtfully well made.

Does this pair of salmon pink jeans spell true religion at all. Not really but that’s what it is. So sweet and pretty I LOVE. Serena jeans in rustic river.

I’m not a shorts person. But the tropical weather in Singapore calls for it sometimes, and also when I go on beach holidays. I wouldn’t splurge $300 on shorts but these are exactly the kind I would wear! Mid thigh and the wash is very casual. (7 for all mankind mid roll up shorts in california del sol)

IMO, J Brand really isn’t worth its price. But these mid rise pocket jeggings in veruca look like they’ll go with everything in my wardrobe. hmm.

How beautiful are these joe’s jeans skinny in leddi? It’s impossible to find such a wash anymore. Must buy… But must try first

Rich & Skinny legacy jeans in doe leather. Read lots of good things about this fit.

Maybe NSFW: Ryan McGinley – Sweet Birds of Youth

This page on vanity fair somehow popped up on my computer earlier today, I don’t even remember opening it. Just as well cuz I’ve been looking for photography inspiration lately. Ryan McGinley is the photographer in question here. At 25 he was the youngest person ever to show at the Whitney Museum. NSFW, his photographs have a nudity theme and highlight the freedom of youth.

dakota 2004

eric 2004

highway 2007

jakes eyes 2003

hysteric fireworks 07

Everyday I’m Catgroovin’

I have exactly two minutes before I have to start studying for tomorrow’s test so I’m going to drop you this amazing artist my friend introduced to me, Parov Stelar. First song I heard was Chambermaid Swing which I loved. But the second song I heard, Catgroove, made me fall IN love. Jazz + electronic. No words.

AND WHATEVER YOU DO, JUST WATCH THE YOUTUBE VIDEO below. it’s only 30 seconds long and will change your life. LMFAO’s shuffling synced with catgroove:

Music Monday: Too Close, Too Insistent

It’s Tuesday, but barely, so I’m still going to name this post Music Monday #cheesy.

Alex Care – Too Close it feels like i’m just too close to love you… 

I like to think of Alex Care as the male Adele. (This song is comparable to Rolling in the Deep?)  Honestly though, I don’t know where he’s going with the lyrics haha. What does ‘too close to love you’ mean? Are we too tight for me to love you? Or am I this close to loving you?

The Do – Too Insistent (Trentemoeller remix)
What’s so special about me, I’m ordinary. 

This song KILLED me the first time I heard it. Apparently I die a lot when listening to good music. The original is kind of monotonous, but the remix is so emotional. I listened to this the entire of January and I’m still going to. I also love the words to it.