Martini: Luck is an attitude

It’s challenging to successfully advertise alcohol without being offensive. How do you push the main purposes of alcohol, which are arguably “getting high” and “getting drunk” into your spot and still be socially – and tastefully – accepted.¬†Referred to as a “merchant of death” as per movie Thank You For Smoking, it might be a lesser evil compared to tobacco and gunfire but still isn’t the healthiest substance that could lead to addiction.¬†Alcohol companies can only rely on brand personality to push their products. And what might a failing alcohol do?

Prior to advertising, load up on lots and lots of PR… This time Martini held a major casting which saw 4000 applicants across Europe vying for a chance to be the new global face of Martini.


This new ad campaign by Martini reminds me of that split scene in 500 Days of Summer where Tom’s reality was juxtaposed with how he had imagined it to be. Similarly, here the main guy handles the same situation differently in separate screens and proving that your luck is in your own hands and you create your own fate. Of course, with Martini and martini glasses thrown in. Because ultimately you still have a product to sell to your target demographic.

I do think they’ve done a good job in making a TV-friendly spot with an inspiring underlying brand message. It was fun to watch and had a nice twist at the end. Very stylishly shot as well.