What’s your fragrance?

I’m not big on perfume. It chokes me, especially when I’m in a crowded confined space (ie. public bus) real early in the morning and the person beside me has just sprayed on the entire bottle of whatever cheap perfume she bought from the discount shop. The smell is not only disgusting but in the most piercing way. If you’re like me, body lotion is such a godsend. Firstly because it is actually healthy for your skin. Alcohol in perfume gives me rashes sometimes. My facialist also tells me never to directly spray perfume onto your skin. I’m surprised so many people do that. If you google “how to apply perfume” it is highly recommended.

Sure, body lotion doesn’t leave a lingering fragrance but perfume fragrance fades as well. anyway I think it’s the process of putting on the product that makes you feel good before heading out, so from body lotion you definitely get that same kick.

Of course when I’m out with friends and they smell nice, I’d think I should put in more effort into using perfume from time to time…

Saw this ad in Glamour today. (sidetrack: reading magazines on the iPad is the best way to read. No more magazine clutter on my bookshelves forever more!)

I love the whole preppy look. The classic and simple designs in solid regal colors. When I saw this Tommy Hilfiger ad I knew I wanted this perfume… The advertising is damn good, they successfully created a Tommy Hilfiger image and have hooked people like me in cuz we want the Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle.


Anyway I’m into really specific smells, I don’t like perfume to begin with so I’m not gonna spend my money on just anything. The one and only perfume I’ve fallen in love with and have actually gone through bottles of despite my slow rate of use, is viva la juicy. Um what? Think perfume and juicy couture definitely does not come to mind. But it’s the best I’ve smelt. It’s sweet and creamy yet fruity and young! You can choose to buy the body lotion too which is great as the fragrance is quite lasting.

<a href=”https://thecrazyshakes.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/20111015-163112.jpg”&gt;20111015-163112.jpg

I also love Chanel no 5 but who doesn’t? It’s a sure way to feel sexy and confident.