TCS Fall TV Guide

Fall TV season is just about to hit us, and your favourite tv shows Gossip Girl, Dexter, etc are ready to make their comeback. But there are a few brand new series that have piqued my interest and perhaps they might to you too!

Firstly, #1 on my list is Revenge, starring Emily Vancamp whom I always found cute since her days on Brothers & Sisters but anyway, that is irrelevant. The storyline, according to ABC is half glamorous Hamptons lifestyle and half mystery thriller. It reminds me of City Hunter the recent hit Korean drama, which follows the same concept. Watching City Hunter was a thrill and I’m quite sure Revenge would be too, what with the extremely good looking cast, picturesque filming locations and DUH I’m so excited for the revenge plot. Definitely can’t wait! Click here for the trailer.

Secondly, Hart of Dixie. Because Rachel Bilson is one of the most likeable small screen actresses of our day. I mean, we all want to see our favourite girl fall down and pick herself up again. This is definitely a feel-good show for girls. My only gripe is that it is based in the South – in Alabama. Because of that, and as much as I don’t want it to, I think it will be cancelled. Because it will be unable to sustain viewership and attention after a while. People don’t want to watch TV shows about southern accents and tow trucks and nothing glamorous – not even Rachel Bilson’s hair. I pray I’m wrong though. Watch the trailer here.

Third, Pan Am. Following the success of Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, etc, comes another period piece Pan Am – which I like to think is the girls version of Mad Men. It’s going to be smart and subtly funny, set in the same era as Mad Men, but this time it’s going to be all about the girls. The boys can’t have all the fun right? Plus, I’m sick of boys thinking that they’re Don Draper – that they have the right to be obnoxious, lie, cheat yet still be successful and desirable at the same time. I’m sick of watching such a male-centric show. Bring on Pan Am. Watch the trailer here.

OK I love this – 2 Broke Girls – but honestly I think it belongs on Disney Channel, and that Kat Dennings is carrying the entire weight of this show on her shoulders. This show needs MORE characters!! That said I am in LOVE with Kat Dennings she is super hilarious. Watch trailer here.

Of course, there are many other shows that will air, and among them I think “New Girl” starring Zoey Deschanel might be very popular because she does have quite a following… I personally find it a bit contrived though. Check it out on Youtube if you want. Also, another Mad Men-esque show coming up is The Playboy Club… Even the title is contrived. But what can I say, Amber Heard is so hot. Her hotness is underrated. She needs to be in the next Transformers movie to make everyone realize her hotness.

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